Tips to Save Money For Christmas   

02 Nov 2018

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Tips to Save Money For Christmas

save money for christmas

 Whilst it is the most wonderful time of the year, the downside of Christmas cheer is that with come a lot of expenses. The best way to combat these is to prepare yourself early, so that you can relax and enjoy the holiday season, rather than spend it being stressed about money. 

The first step is to figure out how much money you will need for the Christmas period, by adding up all of the expenses. Things to consider may include:




If you have kids, money for school holidays activities and possibly childcare

If you have time off work over Christmas, you may need extra spending money

Christmas/ New Year parties and nights out

New outfits for said parties

Bliss beauty treatments for party season 😉


Once you have added together all of your costs, minus the amount of money from your savings that you plan to put towards Christmas. Next, you need to divide that by the number of weeks until Christmas (currently 7). 

So if your costs come to £500, but you have £150 saved up already, you need to save another £350. £350/7 = £50. This is the amount of money that you will need to put aside each week, whether it's in a piggy bank or savings account. 

To make this easier, you may need to consider which little luxuries you can go without for the next 7 weeks. Maybe you can take a flask of coffee from home out with you instead of buying coffee, or shave £10 off your weekly food shop by cooking cheaper meals. Ask for makeup and clothes as Christmas presents rather than buying them for yourself now.

Another useful tip is to empty all of the change out from your pockets into a jar at the end of every day - this is now your Christmas savings jar, and you'll be surprised by how much it can build up in just 7 weeks. 

If you're feeling swamped it may be worth considering trying to make a little extra money for Christmas. Maybe you can pick up a Saturday job to make that extra £50 per week - remember, it's only for 7 weeks. Maybe you have things that you could sell, or you can offer your services to help other busy people prepare for Christmas. Consider taking part in online surveys or market research to add to your Christmas funds. 

When shopping for your all-important Christmas party dress, look around for the sales, and discount codes. Just because you've found a lovely dress on one website, doesn't mean it isn't available on others for cheaper - it's always worth checking ebay, too. 

Book your holiday beauty treatments at Bliss with one of our online packages to save money, and buy online to be entered into our monthly prize draw to win a luxury prize. 

win luxury beauty prize

Remember, every little helps!

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Fabulous New Bliss Beauty Packages Perfect For Your August and September Plans!   

13 Aug 2016

Fabulous NEW Bliss Beauty Packages Perfect For Your August and September Plans!

Bliss are always working hard to keep you looking and feeling your best for the very best prices - we love giving you a great new offer! Got a late summer holiday booked? Our Bliss packages are just perfect for holiday prepping! And not only that, our packages are just the thing before that big girls night out in Leeds, or an upcoming dinner party. And who really needs an excuse to be pampered? Bliss packages are the perfect pick me up to add sparkle to your mood.

 So what brand new packages do we have for you?

The perfect pre-holiday package! Make sure you look stunning in your bikini with a spray tan with contouring. Go as natural or dark as you like. Add a brow shape and file and polish toes to get your feet flip flop ready, and we'll give you a stunning lash or brow tint FREE. All this for just £35! Patch test required in advance for all tints.

 How about gel fingers and superlashes (natural or dramatic, you choose), both made to last throughout your holiday. Add on a brow shape and we'll throw in a free regular bikini wax to help you get beach ready. This package is just £44!

HD Brows and superlashes (with a brow shape) are a match made in beauty package heaven and will be sure to get you looking your best. Plus gel fingers or toes in your fave shade from our range of top brand polishes, and a spray tan or underarm wax completely free. All these treatments for £80. HD tint patch test required 48 hours prior to treatment. 

 Pair gorgeous LVL lashes with a brow tint and brow shape we'll give you a free spray tan to get you looking beaut. This package for just £65. Patch test required.


 Check out all of our offers here + buy online!  http://www.blissbeautyspa.com/collections/offers



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Choose a Treatment for £29 or Less   

13 Nov 2015

For some of us it's a constant battle in the build up to Christmas. A large portion of your disposable income is being spent on presents for your family and friends and, whilst you LOVE buying them gifts, you can't help wishing you had enough money leftover to treat yourself to some winter pampering. Lucky for you, at Bliss we have treatments to suit every budget. Here's our top 5 under £25!

LVL HD Lash Tint £16

A HD lash tint is much more effective that a regular one, giving stunning results and making your lashes look longer and healthier without causing any damage. The HD tint also lasts twice as long as any regular tint on average! Read more about all of our lash treatments here.


Bliss Glam Girls World Make Up £15-£25

Our Glam Girls World Make Up Treatments will make you look the best version of yourself, using make up to suit you, whether you want a natural look for just £15, a more glamorous look for £20, or a full on party look for £25. Read more about this treatment here.


Full Body Spray Tan £19

Unfortunately the November weather in Leeds is very much not ideal for getting a tan. Bliss specialises in giving you a beautiful glow from a safe and speedy airbrush. You can choose the depth of your tan, from a delicate glow to a two-week holiday look. The treatment also includes body contouring for a slim, trim and toned look that lasts 8-10 days. Read more about tanning at Bliss here.

Or make use of our current offer- get a stunning spray tan with super lashes and brow tidy for just £29! See offer here.


Express Almond Manicure or Pedicure £22-£25

Our express almond treatments moisturise, exfoliate and nourish your hands or feet with almond-based products including sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E. You'll leave with healthy looking skin and a nurtured feeling. Finish with natural polish for £22 or french for £25. Read more about manicures and pedicures at Bliss here.


Minx or Kooky Nail Wraps £24

With many designs available, our nail wraps can transform your nails whatever look you're going for! Our team of nail therapists are highly skilled and we use only the best products to leave you with beautiful nails!


So whatever your budget, make sure you make time for YOU this November with some Bliss pampering!

Seasons Greetings & we look forward to seeing you for your next appointment, lots of love from Team Bliss X





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