Review: Environ Facial   

07 Dec 2015

Review: Environ Facial


I'd never had a facial before, but I felt that my skin wasn't looking its best and needed brightening up. Beverley, Bliss director, was very helpful in helping me to choose which facial to treat myself to. She asked if I wanted a relaxing facial, or if I wanted results. I told her that I wanted results so she recommended the Environ facial. My therapist also stressed that, whilst elements of the facial may feel relaxing, customers shouldn't expect a relaxing treatment, and that other facials would be better suited to those looking for a relaxing experience. 


On arriving at Bliss spa, I was greeted by the friendly staff who work there, and offered a drink. I was then taken to one of the treatment rooms which has a lovely relaxing atmosphere. My therapist was very friendly and told me what she was doing every step of the way. This facial forces vitamins and moisture to go deeper into the skin. My skin was first cleansed and exfoliated, which was relaxing and enjoyable. Vitamin treatment gels containing antioxidants were also applied. A probe containing sound waves and small electrical pulses was then used to activate the gels. This felt a little strange but not uncomfortable, and I could hear white noise. 

A thick mask was then applied to my entire face, even my eyes and mouth, leaving just my nostrils. However, the therapist asked if it was ok to cover my mouth and eyes beforehand. The mask felt refreshing and cooling. Another pulsed electric current was applied over the mask, which felt tingly, almost itchy.


This was left on for 10 minutes. The purpose of the mask and current was to drive the gels into my skin, rather than wipe them off, making them much more effective. When the mask was peeled off, the facial ended with the application of an Environ moisturiser. 

I was told not to wear make up for 24 hours, to avoid undoing the effects of the treatment. My skin was quite pink afterwards, so I wouldn't recommend having this treatment on the day of a night out. However, once the pinkness calmed down the results were easily visible. The facial s designed to target dermatological complaints such as scarring, sun damage, pigmentation and acne. I don't personally suffer from any of these complaints, however I noticed that the few stubborn spots I'd had for a few days cleared up quickly following the facial. My skin also looked noticeably healthier and felt soft. Therefore, I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone with skin complaints but also to anyone who just wants to give their skin a boost.

Read more about Environ treatments at Bliss here.

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Beauty Brand Focus: Environ Facials   

13 Aug 2014


Environ isn't your typical high street facial brand, it offers the next level in skincare and fine services for the discerning clientele.

Environ is all about giving you back the vitamin A and C that excretes from your skin because of all the anti oxidants out there caused be environmental damage, drinking alcohol and free radicals that attack the skin's elasticity. Environ helps slow down the ageing process, corrects pigmentation and eases acne scaring. The reason why this brand is different to other facials? Environ's treatments use cutting edge sound technology that acts to penetrate down to the skin molecules in the lower levels of your skin and then a current works at soothing and smoothing problematic skin cells.


Elizabeth is a senior therapist at Bliss and here is her verdict on the brand: "I love working with environ because you can see results with every treatment I perform. Clients I have that are high up on the Environ product ladder are still seeing results and there is always something we can add to that facial routine that can make there skin even 10 times better. I would recommend everybody to have this treatment as it would benefit all skin types and is a pleasure to see the confidence build on a client when they see the results."

Outstanding results and improvements to your skin's health, pigment and glow can be seen after just one to two treatments. Please call and book a free consultation now, ask for Elizabeth on 0113 2304305.

See our contact page for more information on where we are based and how to contact the Bliss team.

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