Bliss Treatment of the Week: Body Sculpt Banish the Cellulite Treatment   

11 Mar 2017

Bliss Treatment of the Week: Body Sculpt Banish the Cellulite Treatment


Cellulite can be the bane of your life, especially when summer is slowly creeping up on is. Worry no more, Bliss is here to save you from orange peel skin with a treatment from favourite brand Environ. This treatment firms and tightens the upper epidermis to smooth stubborn cellulite. The active ingredients in Environ’s Body Profile Gel are driven deep into the lower layers to tackle the reduction of the ‘orange peel effect’ on upper thighs and buttocks areas.

Renew your confidence and feel amazing in your bikini this summer.

This treatment is £60 for a 60 minute treatment. Purchase online here  and redeem at Bliss Spa, Baby or Retreat.

Bliss Baby  0113 275 2675   

Bliss West Park 0113 230 4305

Bliss Retreat 0113 258 8425

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Review: Environ Facial   

07 Dec 2015

Review: Environ Facial


I'd never had a facial before, but I felt that my skin wasn't looking its best and needed brightening up. Beverley, Bliss director, was very helpful in helping me to choose which facial to treat myself to. She asked if I wanted a relaxing facial, or if I wanted results. I told her that I wanted results so she recommended the Environ facial. My therapist also stressed that, whilst elements of the facial may feel relaxing, customers shouldn't expect a relaxing treatment, and that other facials would be better suited to those looking for a relaxing experience. 


On arriving at Bliss spa, I was greeted by the friendly staff who work there, and offered a drink. I was then taken to one of the treatment rooms which has a lovely relaxing atmosphere. My therapist was very friendly and told me what she was doing every step of the way. This facial forces vitamins and moisture to go deeper into the skin. My skin was first cleansed and exfoliated, which was relaxing and enjoyable. Vitamin treatment gels containing antioxidants were also applied. A probe containing sound waves and small electrical pulses was then used to activate the gels. This felt a little strange but not uncomfortable, and I could hear white noise. 

A thick mask was then applied to my entire face, even my eyes and mouth, leaving just my nostrils. However, the therapist asked if it was ok to cover my mouth and eyes beforehand. The mask felt refreshing and cooling. Another pulsed electric current was applied over the mask, which felt tingly, almost itchy.


This was left on for 10 minutes. The purpose of the mask and current was to drive the gels into my skin, rather than wipe them off, making them much more effective. When the mask was peeled off, the facial ended with the application of an Environ moisturiser. 

I was told not to wear make up for 24 hours, to avoid undoing the effects of the treatment. My skin was quite pink afterwards, so I wouldn't recommend having this treatment on the day of a night out. However, once the pinkness calmed down the results were easily visible. The facial s designed to target dermatological complaints such as scarring, sun damage, pigmentation and acne. I don't personally suffer from any of these complaints, however I noticed that the few stubborn spots I'd had for a few days cleared up quickly following the facial. My skin also looked noticeably healthier and felt soft. Therefore, I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone with skin complaints but also to anyone who just wants to give their skin a boost.

Read more about Environ treatments at Bliss here.

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Must-Try: Enivron Facials at Bliss Spa, Leeds   

12 Aug 2015

Looking your very best needn't be a trauma, darling. Life is complicated enough - what with households and businesses to run, hearts to break and heels to run around town in. At Bliss we provide A-list-ready surroundings and luxury treatments to bring you back to your best self and prep you for summer, autumn, winter and beyond. No matter what season your wardrobe is cruising through or how many missed calls you've got on your iPhone - Bliss Salons and Spas are the one place where you can switch off and forget the material deets of life. On that note, if you're in the same place we are - having style evolutions and growing in kick-ass men and women, then you'll love our new beauty menu. COMING SOON! Watch this space. Before the first leaf falls in September, Bliss will have have-to-have products for you to rev up your pampering regime with.

BOOK your Environ treatment now.

Onto serious business... At Bliss, we invest in the most cutting edge technology and high tech developments in beauty treatments - cue and wolf whistles for 3D Lipo and Environ services that have revolutionised our premium offering and positively changed the lives and looks of our loyal customers. We've waxed lyrical about 3D Lipo in last week's blog but this week we're absolutely loving Environ's medical beauty facials.

Enivron is a fuss-free system that is results based and created by a dermo doctor who knew how to get radical and beautiful improvements in skin textured, pigmentation and restore problem skins (from acne to inflammation) to its youthful best...

The foundation for Environ facials is Vitamin A and antioxidants, and when these ingredients are combined, they help to heal, repair and protect against free radical and UV damage.

Vitamin A being one of the key ingredients having a corrective affect on the skin and of course anti-ageing, the word we most love to hear and believe in.

Vitamin A, C and E also helps to stimulate the natural production of elastin and collagen, something that unfortunately depletes as we age. Environ is all about results and is more cosmeceutical as opposed to cosmetic, penetrating through the layers of the skin rather than just sitting on the surface. There are many ranges in Environ, all designed for different and specific skin types allowing each individual a bespoke regime. With the help of Bliss Environ experts, you can see amazing results and have a restored sense of confidence with your natural complexion.

BOOK your Environ treatment now.

AVST is Environ's main and most popular range formulated around vitamin A (Retinol) and also contains vitamins E & C, Green Tea Extract, Honeybush and Rooibos Tea Extracts, Resveratrol and Beta-Carotene. The core moisturisers are designed to increase the dosage of vitamin A as the client moves up through the levels to achieve a high and very beneficial strength of Retinol.

Ionzyme C-Quence products are Dr Des Fernades best performing formulations. Clients can achieve quicker and more beneficial results by tailoring a skincare regime around the C-Quence products. You do not have to use the entire C-Quence range and this is where we can consult to achieve your specific goals by tailoring your regime specifically to your needs.


If you would like to snap the pencil and pen into your chic leather-bound diary a date with one of Bliss' Environ experts then call Ellie at Bliss in West Park, Leeds: 0113 2304305.

"It's such a brilliant system that sees consistently amazing results,' says Ellie. "I have clients that come in regularly to vastly improve teenage acne with Environ and return clients of all ages, men and women, who have seen their skin at its best thanks to Environ."

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