How to Make Your Holiday Tan Last!   

19 Aug 2017

How to Make Your Holiday Tan Last!


When our holiday blues begin to kick in the one thing that cheers us up a little is knowing that we've returned to grey, rainy Britain with a beautiful golden tan. If you want to hold onto that bronze glow for as long as possible, be sure to follow these steps to remain brown into autumn. 

1. You can't moisturise enough! Apply it every day after being in the sun, at least once, to avoid peeling and prolong your tan, and continue applying a couple of times a day once you get home. No amount of moisturiser is too much so don't be shy.

2. Go easy on hot baths and showers and always use a hydrating body wash. Hot water can have a dehydrating effect on your skin so slightly cooler showers are better.

3. Exfoliate but very gently. The best thing for your tan is to exfoliate right before your holiday then gently top up after, as dead skin can cause your tan to look faded and dull. However using harsh exfoliates,  hair removal cream or waxing removes the entire top layer of skin and therefore your tan so be careful. 

4. Stay hydrated and eat healthily. Drinking plenty of water is essential for healthy, radiant skin, as is eating a healthy balanced diet providing you with all necessary vitamins. Try to eat more foods rich in beta-carotene such as papaya, sweet potato, carrot and mango. 

5. If your tan still fades sooner than you hoped, or if you didn't manage to tan as much as you wanted to, Bliss are always on hand with our top of the range sunbeds. Courses can be purchased online or in branch and redeemed at Street Lane, Baby or Retreat.


6. There's always the option to fake it with Bliss' sexy contouring spray tans - choose your shade and let our therapists work their magic. Why not combine your spray tan with some other treatments in one of our packages for a glam makeover?


All sunbed courses and spray tans can be purchased online here.

Bliss Baby  0113 275 2675   

Bliss West Park 0113 230 4305

Bliss Retreat 0113 258 8425

Bliss Street Lane 0113 269 8522

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How You Can Make the Most of Our October Offer!   

16 Oct 2015

October is the month when we have to accept that Summer is well and truly over. The weather gets much colder, leaves turn yellow and fall from the trees, and we start to plan the all important Halloween costume. For Bliss customers, October 2015 is the time to make use of an exciting offer. We're offering customers a free pedicure or spray tan if they spend £40 this month. Here's some suggestions for how you can  spend £40 to claim your free treatment.

 Try our Nail Pick and Mix Pamper Combo with gel fingers and toes for £45. Your nails will be painted by a highly skilled nail technician using leading brands of gel polish in your choice of colour, which will remain glamorous and intact for 2 weeks!

Alternatively, rejuvenate with a revitalising facial. Elemis provide multiple facials at Bliss, so there's one to suit everyone! Our Elemis Skin Perfect Specific Facial is customised to your skin type and includes skin conditioning plant actives, a prescribed mask and unique Eastern massage techniques for a deep cleansing. You'll leave the salon feeling nourished and refreshed with a renewed radiance. This treatment costs £45, or £159 for a 4 course package.

 Another Elemis facial to try is the Elemis Pro-Collagen Quartz Facial Lift, proven to remove wrinkles by up to 94%, and improve skin firmness by up to 57% after just one treatment! The combination of specialist massage and marine extract will re-energise and rejuvenate your skin, leaving you looking and feeling fabulous. This incredible treatment costs £59 for one treatment or £199 for a course of 4.

Read more about what facials are available here!

If Elemis facials aren't for you, there's our Dermalogica facials. £49 will buy you a Bliss Face Mapping Skin Analysis plus Home Care Skin Booster Kit. If you're clueless about skin care, this is the treatment for you; it will transform your skin forever. You'll receive a 50 minute face treatment as well as face mapping analysis and a skin care kit, so you can leave with the knowledge of how to look after your skin and the tools to do it!

 Alternatively, the Bliss Power Regeneration Treatment is ideal for anyone concerned with signs of aging. Specific energising massage releases tension and helps to contour facial muscles to give instant results. 


1 treatment £49

2 treatments £90

3 treatments £125

Find out more about the full range of dermalogica treatments here.

If you want to really treat yourself, or just feel as though you ate one ice cream too many this summer, indulge in 3D lipo to transform your waist line and help you to shift any fat which you struggle to lose by exercising and dieting. This revolutionary weight loss approach is loved by celebrities such as Coleen Rooney, the Kardashians and Amy Childs. 

 Read more about it here.

Another indulgent yet revolutionary treatment is Super Hair Removal. The SkinPULSE hair removal system offers pain-free super fast hair removal, giving faster and more effective results than IPL or laser, leaving you silky smooth. 


Read more about Super Hair Removal here.

Whatever you fancy treating yourself to this October, whether it be a massage or a manicure, or splashing out on 3D lipo, make sure to claim your free gift from Bliss!




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