How to heal sunburnt skin   

26 Jul 2019
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How to heal sunburnt skin

 We're loving the sunny weather we've been treated to recently, and we adore sunning ourselves abroad in the summer. Not to mention we're also a little bit obsessed with sunbeds. However, unfortunately, we can get a little overexcited and forget to take the proper precautions to avoid sunburn. 

We've all been there - it's red, it's hot, it can be blistery, painful and peeling. When we get sunburnt we want to heal it as quickly as possible so we can enjoy the sun again (armed with plenty of factor 50 this time). 

So here are our top tips to heal sunburnt skin as quickly as possible...

1. Cool the affected skin as soon as possible, ideally using ice. Follow with a cold bath or shower, and avoid hot or warm water. 

2. Use products with a high water content, and look for the following ingredients:

Aloe Vera


Shea butter

Rose water


Lanolin balm

Fresh cucumber can also be applied directly to the burnt areas to cool and hydrate. 

3. Avoid using exfoliates and skin products that contain the following ingredients for a few days:




4. Keep the area moisturised to avoid peeling. Look for moisturisers containing high levels of vitamins C and E. 

5. Avoid the sun until the redness has disappeared. If you must go out in the sun, cover the affected areas and use plenty of sun cream. 

 Anyone who's been sunburnt before will probably agree that prevention is better than cure. So ensure that you're using the correct sun cream - one that is high factor and says the words 'broad spectrum' on the bottle. Reapply every two hours and take regular breaks in the shade. 

Using sunbeds in advance of your holiday can kick start your tan and begin to build up a resistance to burning. Check out our top tips to use sunbeds safely and avoid getting burnt. 

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If all else fails, fake it til you make it with our award-winning stunning spray tans. Choose how bronzed you would like to be, and complete with contouring for a more toned look. 

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How to Make Your Holiday Tan Last!   

19 Aug 2017

How to Make Your Holiday Tan Last!


When our holiday blues begin to kick in the one thing that cheers us up a little is knowing that we've returned to grey, rainy Britain with a beautiful golden tan. If you want to hold onto that bronze glow for as long as possible, be sure to follow these steps to remain brown into autumn. 

1. You can't moisturise enough! Apply it every day after being in the sun, at least once, to avoid peeling and prolong your tan, and continue applying a couple of times a day once you get home. No amount of moisturiser is too much so don't be shy.

2. Go easy on hot baths and showers and always use a hydrating body wash. Hot water can have a dehydrating effect on your skin so slightly cooler showers are better.

3. Exfoliate but very gently. The best thing for your tan is to exfoliate right before your holiday then gently top up after, as dead skin can cause your tan to look faded and dull. However using harsh exfoliates,  hair removal cream or waxing removes the entire top layer of skin and therefore your tan so be careful. 

4. Stay hydrated and eat healthily. Drinking plenty of water is essential for healthy, radiant skin, as is eating a healthy balanced diet providing you with all necessary vitamins. Try to eat more foods rich in beta-carotene such as papaya, sweet potato, carrot and mango. 

5. If your tan still fades sooner than you hoped, or if you didn't manage to tan as much as you wanted to, Bliss are always on hand with our top of the range sunbeds. Courses can be purchased online or in branch and redeemed at Street Lane, Baby or Retreat.


6. There's always the option to fake it with Bliss' sexy contouring spray tans - choose your shade and let our therapists work their magic. Why not combine your spray tan with some other treatments in one of our packages for a glam makeover?


All sunbed courses and spray tans can be purchased online here.

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Winter Tans   

16 Nov 2016

Winter Tans

For some reason it is commonly accepted that just because you now have to spend 5 minutes putting extra layers on before you leave the house, and the sun is just a distant memory, that we must now try to find ways to make pasty pale skin work with our sexy sequin dresses and Louboutins. Ladies, gentlemen, this is a myth. Bliss are here to save you from a winter of only wearing colours that don't wash you out, and trying to make the English rose look work.

For those who want a bit of a winter glow this year, Bliss have two options for you: our flawless contouring spray tans, or tan on our top of the range sunbeds with brand new tubes.

 One stunning spray tan costs £19, or bring a friend and get 2 spray tans for £29. Choose how tanned you want to look, plus our tans include body contouring for a trim and toned look that lasts 8-10 days.

 Or opt for one of our amazing value packages- get glam HD Brows and your choice of either a superlashes or express pedicure  for just £50 and receive a free spray tan! 

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 Alternatively, Bliss are offering Oxygen express facial or Diamond dermabrasion with brow tint and shape for £40, also with a free spray tan!

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Or choose a Bliss top seller - HD Brows + LVL Lashes for only £60 and receive a free spray tan!

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If you'd prefer the sunbed to a spray tan, Bliss has a great deal for you too. We are currently offering 100 sunbed minutes for just £19.95! These are the most competitive prices in West Yorkshire and enjoy new fast tan 0.3 compliant tubes fitted to help you beat the nearing winter blues and tan faster! Over 18 Policy etc/ ID maybe required to comply with Sunbed use Policy.

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 All packages and deals must be purchased online and redeemed in branch. Packages and deals can be purchased here.

Then call your favourite Bliss branch to book your spray tan, or just pop into Bliss Urban, Butcher Hill or Retreat to redeem your sunbed mins.

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Bliss West Park 0113 230 4305

Bliss Retreat 0113 258 8425

Bliss Street Lane 0113 269 8522

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July Special Offers: 3D Lipo Course, £399 & HD Brows + LVL Lashes, £60   

03 Jul 2015
At Bliss we want to make all the girls and boys, ladies and gentlemen of West Yorkshire (and beyond, baby) feel absolutely fabulous about themselves. Life’s too short to feel otherwise. If you’re a time-poor mum, a go-getter careerist, post-operation and needs a boost - we’ve got a dazzling treatment menu of premium beauty, nail and well being services that can reignite your confidence. We also understand that good clothes and amazing shoes come with a statement price tag (all salute our friends at Harvey Nichols), so we do monthly special pamper packages to keep your standards high and beauty bill understatedly low. 
Roll up, July’s generous offers…
Offer No1: Highly rated, cutting edge technology 3D Lipo course of 4 slim and trim revolutionary treatments, with a complimentary booster body gift, at July’s special price of £399 (one treatment is typically £199 - that’s a big saving!)
3D Lipo is clinically proven to promote dramatic weight loss in a safe, fuss-free and non-surgical series of treatment followed out by our expertly-trained professionals. This discreet service has transformed some of clients’ waistlines already and the beauty team are raving about it. Please do call us for a private consultation to find out more.
Offer No2: Upgrade your seductive stare and boost your natural look with this HD Brows and LVL natural lash lift package for £60 (usually £99!). HD Brows creates high definition brows through a 7-step shaping method that includes threading, waxing, tinting and cultivating a unique growth strategy so that you can achieve the natural look to suit your face. Don’t underestimate the positive effects a strong brow has on your make-up and natural look. 
Offer No3: Gel paint on fingers and toes, with any finish (includes Swarovski crystals or high gloss finish) for £45. Bring a friend and get a complimentary glass of bubbles at any of our five striking branches across Leeds.
Book now to boost your beauty and grooming regime.
West Park: Bliss Spa
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