Get the summer holiday feeling at Bliss!   

19 Aug 2020
bliss beauty spa leeds

Get the summer holiday feeling at Bliss!

Going on our summer holidays is a little more tricky this year. Whether you're planning to go away or not, there's no reason to miss out on the pre-holiday pampering. Here our are top treatments to get that summer holiday feeling.


We adore getting gel fingers and toes before a holiday, since they last for up to two weeks, meaning no maintenance whilst you're away. Plus pretty toes make your summer sandals pop!




No sun? No problem. Choose a flawless stunning spray tan, or our top of the line sunbeds, and you'll look like you're spent a week at the beach whether you have or not.



LVL Lashes

We adore getting our lashes done before a holiday, for maximum beauty and minimal effort. Choose LVL to make your natural lashes flutter, or choose super lashes or Nouveau for falsies that can last your trip.




Removing your body hair is a personal choice, however if you wish to be fuzz-free, waxing will keep you smooth for the duration of your getaway. 



We are now able to offer ALL treatments, including those that involve the face area. PPE is worn at all times, and we have sanitiser available, and extra cleaning procedures in place. 

Shop all deals here and call us to book your appointment. 

We look forward to seeing you.

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How to heal sunburnt skin   

26 Jul 2019
bliss beauty spa leeds

How to heal sunburnt skin

 We're loving the sunny weather we've been treated to recently, and we adore sunning ourselves abroad in the summer. Not to mention we're also a little bit obsessed with sunbeds. However, unfortunately, we can get a little overexcited and forget to take the proper precautions to avoid sunburn. 

We've all been there - it's red, it's hot, it can be blistery, painful and peeling. When we get sunburnt we want to heal it as quickly as possible so we can enjoy the sun again (armed with plenty of factor 50 this time). 

So here are our top tips to heal sunburnt skin as quickly as possible...

1. Cool the affected skin as soon as possible, ideally using ice. Follow with a cold bath or shower, and avoid hot or warm water. 

2. Use products with a high water content, and look for the following ingredients:

Aloe Vera


Shea butter

Rose water


Lanolin balm

Fresh cucumber can also be applied directly to the burnt areas to cool and hydrate. 

3. Avoid using exfoliates and skin products that contain the following ingredients for a few days:




4. Keep the area moisturised to avoid peeling. Look for moisturisers containing high levels of vitamins C and E. 

5. Avoid the sun until the redness has disappeared. If you must go out in the sun, cover the affected areas and use plenty of sun cream. 

 Anyone who's been sunburnt before will probably agree that prevention is better than cure. So ensure that you're using the correct sun cream - one that is high factor and says the words 'broad spectrum' on the bottle. Reapply every two hours and take regular breaks in the shade. 

Using sunbeds in advance of your holiday can kick start your tan and begin to build up a resistance to burning. Check out our top tips to use sunbeds safely and avoid getting burnt. 

Show the following voucher at Bliss Baby to receive a complimentary sunbed session TOMORROW. 

free sunbed leeds

Take advantage of this incredible offer - best prices in town for premium sunbeds. 

Buy online

If all else fails, fake it til you make it with our award-winning stunning spray tans. Choose how bronzed you would like to be, and complete with contouring for a more toned look. 

See all sunbed and spray tan options and purchase online. 

Combine your sexy spray tan with other favourites for the ultimate pamper package.

lvl leeds

Buy online

Bliss Baby  0113 275 2675   
Bliss West Park 0113 230 4305

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Blissful Wedding Beauty Treatments   

12 Jul 2019

Blissful Wedding Beauty Treatments


Whether you're getting married this summer, or attending a wedding, we have the perfect treatments and packages to ensure you're looking your best. From make up to tans, to weight loss we have you covered, so all you need to worry about is finding the perfect outfit!

 Choose our wedding day make up with super lashes for the ultimate striking flawless airbrush make-up with beautiful natural or dramatic tones to suit your eyes, complimented with stunning fluttering super lashes. Visit our make up page to browse all make up treatments and purchase online.

bridal make up

Bring your squad in for our full bridal package - feel pampered, special and absolutely fabulous after team Bliss has tamed every talon, preened, buffed, exfoliated and polished the bride and 3 bridesmaids to perfection! This will feel like your day before the big one. View package and buy online here.

bridal package

 Want to lose weight for your big day? 3D Lipo is clinically proven to promote dramatic weight loss in a safe, fuss-free and non-surgical series of treatment followed out by our expertly-trained professionals. This discreet service has transformed some of clients’ waistlines already and the beauty team are raving about it. Please do call us for a private consultation to find out more. Read more about the treatment adored by celebs including Katie Price and Colleen Rooney here.

Do you dream of a tan to perfectly compliment that white dress? Look no further - our flawless spray tans can be natural, medium or dark to suit your preferences and include contouring for a toned look. £19 for one, £29 for two, or bring your whole squad with four tans for £60!

 Check out our sizzling summer beauty packages and let us preen you to perfection. 

Choose your perfect shade of gel polish from our wide range for your fingers and toes, and complete your pampering with a brow tidy.

LVL lashes will give your lashes the natural flutter they deserve for a fuss-free look, complete with a brow tint and shape to frame them. Finally add gel nails - choose from our huge range of premium brand polishes - or a stunning spray tan.

Choose from Express Nouveau or Russian lashes to suit your party style, and leave the salon feeling pampered and ready to show off your stunning new lashes. Complete with a brow shape! Add a brow tint for only £5 extra!


 Visit our offers page to view all summer packages, read the terms and conditions and purchase online as a voucher to redeem in branch.

Bliss offers our congratulations to all of our valued customers who are getting married this summer.

Bliss Baby  0113 275 2675   

Bliss West Park 0113 230 4305

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5 hottest summer holiday destinations for 2019   

12 Apr 2019

5 hottest summer holiday destinations for 2019   

where to go on holiday summer 2019


Sit tight, summer IS coming. What better way to get excited about summer than to start planning your summer holiday?! To inspire you, here's our top five suggestions of places to visit in 2019.

1. The Pelopennesse, Greece

This is the up and coming holiday destination in Greece, so it's busy for not as crowded as the popular islands that Brits have been flocking to for years. Think miles of pristine white sand dunes, and Mediterranean charm. This is a quieter corner of Greece where you can simply relax, unwind, and enjoy a bit of culture and good food.

2. Panama

In 2019, Panama City will mark its 500-year history with a huge party. Panama may be a small country, but it has miles of white sand beaches,  tropical rainforests, and misty highlands to explore as you learn about the indigenous culture.

3. Belarus

Head to Belarus this summer for a cool art scene and hip cafes by day, and partying in bierstubes and fashionable cocktail bars by night. Summer is the best time to visit for more mild temperatures that us Brits can handle. 

4. Tohoku, Japan

Indulge in Japanese culture in the lesser known region of Tohoku. 90 minutes north-east of Tokyo, Tohoku offers incredibly varied natural landscapes perfect for hiking. Visit in August for the famous Amori Nebuta Festival, uring which bamboo floats are constructed with paper depicting mythical gods, creatures, and kabuki characters.

5. Otago, New Zealand

Prepare to be amazing by the natural beauty of New Zealand. Home to glacial highlands and sunken valleys, visitors should take in the best of the island's Southern Alps region for hiking, biking and sleeping in remote luxury accommodations.

These are just a few of our favourites to get you inspired. Wherever you head to this year, we hope you have an amazing time! Don't forget to book your pre-holiday nails, tans, lashes and more with Bliss!
Keep an eye on the blog - we'll be putting up a post on the best pre-holiday beauty treatments and packages!

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Health and Beauty Tips For The Heatwave   

09 Jul 2018

Health and Beauty Tips For The Heatwave


The lovely heatwave that's had us all shocked as we dig out our sunnies and sandals is set to last another week. Whilst it's all fun and games when you're sipping cocktails in a beer garden or sunbathing in the park, remember to stay safe and healthy in the hot weather. Keeping your body, hair and skin healthy will only improve your outer beauty as well. Here's our top heatwave health and beauty tips.

Stay hydrated

Ok, that one may seem obvious, but it's worth mentioning as hydration is essential to keep your body functioning normally and keep your energy levels up. Add some mineral-rich fruit such as lemon to your water.

Timing is everything

If you're particularly vulnerable to the effects of the heat, avoid going outside between 11am-3pm, as this is when the sun is at its strongest.

Raid your wardrobe

Wear loose, cool clothing in light materials. Sunglasses and a hat will protect your eyes and head from harmful rays. 

Stop the shine

Shiny skin is a concern for many people in the hot weather. To avoid it, use an oil-free moisturiser, and a lighter cream than foundation, such as BB cream or CC cream. Keep blotting papers handy to de-shine on the go rather than constantly reaching for the powder.

 Fight the frizz

Give your hair a quick rinse in cold water after shampooing. Not only will this help you to keep cool, but it also seals the hair cuticles, helping to prevent hair from going frizzy in the heat.

 Be careful, but enjoy the beautiful weather whilst you can!

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Sun's Out Socks Off - Spotlight on Summer Pedicures!   

29 Jun 2018

Sun's Out Socks Off - Spotlight on Summer Pedicures!


It's officially sandal season! As excited as we all are to wear our brand new summer shoes all season, we totally understand the pain of looking down at your winter feet and wanting to throw the stockings back on. Fear not - our expert professionals are here to transform your winter feet into a summer sensation with a range of high quality pedicures which are not only relaxing, but will get your feet looking their absolute best for summer! Even better - we've included a couple of pedis in our monthly offers to you can combine them with other treatments and save some pennies for summer cocktails.

 So what do we have for you?

Bliss express almond pedicure

 Drift into a deep state of ultimate relaxation with the gorgeous aromas of Solar Sun products (think marzipan and sweet almond oils, packed with vitamins), followed by an indulgent pedicure, warming Solar Oil massage and shimmering mask to lift tired feet. Prices begin at £22, complete with polish in your choice of summer shade.

Express gel pedicure

 When you need your toe polish to last up to 2 weeks, we have you covered with a wide range of top brand gel polishes, for £40. Or opt for our just go gel fingers and toes package for £42!

Deluxe spa pedicure with heated booties

Delivered by the Creative-trained experts at Bliss, this premium service delivers the ultimate pedicure in the height of indulgence! From gentle nail treatments to invigorating exfoliation, soothing massage and a dreamy foot/leg mask, followed by heavenly heated booties…prices begin at £29 including polish, or opt for gel for £46.

Elemis frangipani oil manicure and pedicure

Exotic oil is absorbed rapidly by the skin, providing superior moisturisation for dry or mature skin. The aroma will transport you to a peaceful tropical oasis on first sniff, giving a luxurious experience as well as great results. £55 for a 60 minute treatment.

See the full range of nails, hand and feet treatments here.

Or combine treatments with one of our money-saving beauty packages...

LVL lashes with brow tidy and CND express pedicure

Celeb fave LVL lashes for a natural flirty flutter, sculptured brows to frame your face and complete with a relaxing, pampering CND pedi.

lvl, brows and cnd pedicure

File & polish for fingers, plus CND express pedicure with polish

Choose your favourite summer shade for fingers and toes, and enjoy a relaxing CND pedi. Add a brow shape for an extra £3. 

Ear candling & CND express pedicure

Let us clean out your ears with ear candling - great for sinus problems. Add a CND express pedicure for some summer pampering.

ear candling and pedicure

View all of our monthly offers and purchase here!

Bliss Baby  0113 275 2675   

Bliss West Park 0113 230 4305

Bliss Retreat 0113 258 8425

Bliss Street Lane 0113 269 8522


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The Benefits of a One Day Liquid Fast   

25 Jun 2018

The Benefits of a One Day Liquid Fast

 juice fast

Whilst liquid diets have been popular for some time, they have also attracted a bad name for themselves due to the negative effects associated with them. However, according to experts this is because many people are doing them the wrong way and for the wrong reasons. For best results, a 24-hour liquid fast is the perfect amount of time, and any longer will actually lead to the opposite of the desired effects.

juice diet

So what are the benefits? Digesting food accounts for around 50% of the bodies energy expenditure, so by only consuming liquids you are taking out a lot of the hard work and leaving excess energy to be used elsewhere. Therefore, a one day liquid fast will leave you feeling energised. You will feel lighter in body and mind, brain fog will lift, and you will find it easier to concentrate. By consuming blended fruit and veg, you will be taking in plenty of antioxidants, which help with the bodied natural detoxification process, helping your vital organs to work more quickly.

liquid diet

The fast will also give your metabolism a small shock, helping to to work more effectively. However, if you carry on for too many days, your body will go into survival mode and your metabolism will slow down, leaving you with less energy. This is why 24 hours is the perfect amount of time. However, you can do one liquid day per week or month.

Soups, juices, smoothies and herbal teas will form the basis of your liquid day, and remember to drink plenty of water too. How much liquid you consume and when will be determined by your own body, as everyone is different. Try different recipes to find your favourites which have the best effect and give a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Try starting the day with a mug of hot water with the juice of half a lemon, then have a smoothie or juice for breakfast, followed by another as a mid-morning snack. Eat soup for lunch and dinner, with another juice or smoothie as an afternoon snack. This should fill you up if done correctly, and don't be afraid to have an extra drink if you're starving. 

If you're looking to lose weight fast and need a little more help, Bliss are on hand with 3D lipo. 3D liposuction is a non-invasive course of localised fat reduction which combines Ultrasound Cavitation with fat freezing to combat cellulite, tighten skin and drop pounds. This treatment is loved by celebs including Katie Price, Coleen Rooney and Amy Childs. Call Bliss Spa for a free consultation. 


Alternatively, Heaven slimming lymph drain massage at Bliss provides the perfect tonic to body condition you to look fabulous on the beach. Lose up to 4 pounds per treatment and leave feeling relaxed, toned and revitalised!

 Call us now to book your appointment.

Bliss Baby  0113 275 2675   

Bliss West Park 0113 230 4305

Bliss Retreat 0113 258 8425

Bliss Street Lane 0113 269 8522

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Prices SLASHED on 7 of the best online beauty deals!   

04 Jun 2018

Prices SLASHED on 7 of the best online beauty deals!

 As we welcome in June (ie. the month when summer officially begins!), we at Bliss want to treat you to some brand new online deals. These packages feature some of our most popular treatments that are perfect for summer, at unbelievable prices. Here's what we have for you this month...

1. Don't tan easily? Fake it til you make it with a stunning spray tan to bronze you to perfection in your choice of shade from natural to golden and last up to 8 days. Complete with a brow shape and lash tint for perfect peepers.

spray tan

2. Choose your favourite summer shade for fingers and toes, and enjoy a relaxing CND pedi. Add a brow shape for an extra £3. 

cnd pedicure and nails

3. Get ready for your holiday with your choice of bikini wax complete with a professional brow shape or underarm wax for only £29!


4. LVL lashes will give your lashes the natural flutter they deserve for a fuss-free summer look, complete with a brow tint and shape to frame them. Finally add a spray tan in your choice of intensity for a sexy glow. 


5. LVL lashes will add some fuss-free glamour for summer, complete with a brow tint and shape to frame them. Finally add gel nails in your choice of summer shade, and a six minute sunbed to prepare your skin for summer tanning.

lvl lashes

6. Time to indulge in YOU! Relax and let us pamper you with a mini facial for refreshed skin, and mini manicure and a brow tint & shape for a fresh, polished look.

facial and manicure

7. Let us clean out your ears with ear candling - great for sinus problems. Add a CND express pedicure for some summer pampering.

ear candling and cnd express pedicure

All of these packages plus more can be purchased online here and redeemed in branch!

Bliss Baby  0113 275 2675   

Bliss West Park 0113 230 4305

Bliss Retreat 0113 258 8425

Bliss Street Lane 0113 269 8522

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Our Top Tips For a Healthier Spring/ Summer   

04 May 2018

Our Top Tips For a Healthier Spring/ Summer

 spring health

As we get our first glimpse of summer weather and we slowly change up our wardrobe to make way for brighter colours and more floaty clothes, we should also consider changing our diet and nutritional regimes. Here are our top tips for a healthier spring and summer.

1. Spring is the perfect time to cut down on drinking. Winter is consumed with alcohol, and once the sun comes out we won't be able to resist afternoon roses, so now is the perfect time to give your liver a rest by taking an extra day per week off from drinking.

summer drinks

2. Go meat-free on Mondays! Instead of your favourite meat products, fuel your body with fresh, in-season fruits, veggies, nuts, beans, seeds and legumes for just one day a week.


3. Add more fresh herbs into your diet. It's the perfect time as lots of herbs are currently in season, and they're great for gut health and boosting energy. Add them into your cooking, smoothies, salads, and wherever else you can!

fresh herbs

4. Take supplements, probiotics and vitamins where needed to boost health. Vitamin C is always good. Hay fever sufferers may benefit from taking quercetin to alleviate symptoms, and fish oils to reduce inflammation. 


5. Indulge in some tech-free time to reduce stress levels. Spend your lunch break taking a walk without your phone. Make the most of the nicer weather by spending your free time enjoying the outdoors instead of binging on netflix and buzzfeed. 

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