Top 5 Destinations to Visit in Yorkshire   

06 Jul 2020

Top 5 Destinations to Visit in Yorkshire

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It looks like international travel may not be an option for some time, and whilst travel within the UK is still severely restricted, there's a good chance that the first places we will be able to holiday at will be those closest to home. Fortunately for us, there are some amazing holiday destinations right here in Yorkshire.

Often we're so concerned with going abroad in search of sunnier weather that we don't both to visit incredible destinations that are just down the road. 2020 has handed us an opportunity to do just that.

So here are our top 5 Yorkshire holiday destinations to visit in 2020...

1. York

Take a holiday to the charming city of York. Indulge in history and culture at the York Dungeons, the Jorvik Centre, the Railway Museum, and the York Castle Museum. Go shopping along the shambles, and walk the city walls. Dine out at delightfully British pubs, and exquisite restaurants.

2. Harrogate

Harrogate has everything you need for a couple of nights away. Relax at the Turkish Baths, wander through stunning gardens, and soak up some culture and museums and galleries. Treat yourself to some retail therapy, dine out at mouthwatering restaurants, and enjoy a beverage at some wonderful cocktail bars.

3. Ilkley

Nothing says great British countryside like the Yorkshire dales. Ilkley is the perfect spot to clear your head with some fresh air and hiking. Enjoy breathtaking scenery, classic pub lunches, and a nice cuppa at Betty's Tea Shop.

4. Whitby

Who said you can't have a beach holiday in the UK? Yes, British seaside towns come with a certain level of kitsch, but isn't that why we love them? Keep your fingers crossed for some beach-appropriate weather, but if the heavens open you can also enjoy museums, galleries, historic buildings, and shopping.

5. Scarborough

Another classic seaside town! Aside from the scenic coastline, Scarborough boasts a fantastic Sealife sanctuary, a thrilling water park, and a wealth of outdoor attractions to enjoy.


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5 UK Holiday Destinations Worth Visiting   

26 Jun 2020

5 UK Holiday Destinations Worth Visiting

It looks like international travel may not be an option for some time, and whilst travel within the UK is still severely restricted, there's a good chance that it will start up again soon. Often we're so concerned with going abroad in search of sunnier weather that we don't both to visit incredible destinations that are just down the road. 2020 has handed us an opportunity to do just that.



So here are our top 5 picks for holiday destinations to visit in the UK in 2020.

1. Lake District

The stunning scenery and fresh air of the Lake District is just what we need to relax after these difficult few months. It's heaven for walkers with 885 square miles of lush national parks, surrounded by sparkling lakes and majestic mountains. Relax with a pub lunch afterwards, before visiting the many fascinating attractions.

2. Cornwall

Located in the south west of England, Cornwall has been a favoured UK holiday spot for some time. Enjoy the sea, sand, and (hopefully) sun, soak up some history and culture, and explore the great British countryside.

3. Devon

Devon offers a similar and equally enjoyable experience, with charming seaside resorts, and historic castles and houses to explore. Spend a day in the thriving cities of Exeter and Plymouth, and indulge in the exquisite food scene.

4. Outer Hebridges, Scotland

For a peaceful, isolated getaway where you can forget your worries and cares, look no further than this string of Scottish islands. Discover tranquil white sandy beaches, ancient relics, exciting outdoor activities, and a rich cultural heritage. Most of all, discover peace and quiet.



5. Pembrokeshire, Wales

One reason why Pembrokeshire s one of Wales' top holiday destinations is the fact that it is home to Britain's one and only coastal national park. The magnificent scenery includes crashing waves, golden sandy beaches, soaring cliffs, and beautiful flora and fauna. You might even spot seals and dolphins playing in the sea.


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How to heal sunburnt skin   

26 Jul 2019
bliss beauty spa leeds

How to heal sunburnt skin

 We're loving the sunny weather we've been treated to recently, and we adore sunning ourselves abroad in the summer. Not to mention we're also a little bit obsessed with sunbeds. However, unfortunately, we can get a little overexcited and forget to take the proper precautions to avoid sunburn. 

We've all been there - it's red, it's hot, it can be blistery, painful and peeling. When we get sunburnt we want to heal it as quickly as possible so we can enjoy the sun again (armed with plenty of factor 50 this time). 

So here are our top tips to heal sunburnt skin as quickly as possible...

1. Cool the affected skin as soon as possible, ideally using ice. Follow with a cold bath or shower, and avoid hot or warm water. 

2. Use products with a high water content, and look for the following ingredients:

Aloe Vera


Shea butter

Rose water


Lanolin balm

Fresh cucumber can also be applied directly to the burnt areas to cool and hydrate. 

3. Avoid using exfoliates and skin products that contain the following ingredients for a few days:




4. Keep the area moisturised to avoid peeling. Look for moisturisers containing high levels of vitamins C and E. 

5. Avoid the sun until the redness has disappeared. If you must go out in the sun, cover the affected areas and use plenty of sun cream. 

 Anyone who's been sunburnt before will probably agree that prevention is better than cure. So ensure that you're using the correct sun cream - one that is high factor and says the words 'broad spectrum' on the bottle. Reapply every two hours and take regular breaks in the shade. 

Using sunbeds in advance of your holiday can kick start your tan and begin to build up a resistance to burning. Check out our top tips to use sunbeds safely and avoid getting burnt. 

Show the following voucher at Bliss Baby to receive a complimentary sunbed session TOMORROW. 

free sunbed leeds

Take advantage of this incredible offer - best prices in town for premium sunbeds. 

Buy online

If all else fails, fake it til you make it with our award-winning stunning spray tans. Choose how bronzed you would like to be, and complete with contouring for a more toned look. 

See all sunbed and spray tan options and purchase online. 

Combine your sexy spray tan with other favourites for the ultimate pamper package.

lvl leeds

Buy online

Bliss Baby  0113 275 2675   
Bliss West Park 0113 230 4305

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Holiday pamper package ideas   

05 Jun 2019
bliss beauty

Holiday pamper package ideas

It's summer holiday time! We know you want to look your best whatever your travel plans, but you don't want to be spending time getting ready that could be spent on the beach! So here are our top holiday beauty prep treatments for minimal maintenance.

Full Body Exfoliation
This is ideal pre-tanning or holiday treatment from leading skincare brand Dermalogica. Your expert therapist will polish your skin to a soft glow using the perfect selection of products for your skin type. Boost tired skin to smooth and brighten. Protect skin from the drying effects of the sun and boost tanning potential.
Gel Fingers&Toes
BLISS has the juiciest range of bang-on-trend gel colours, all from premium brands. Your polish will sit pretty on your nails for up to two weeks totally chip-free, meaning less time fixing your nails and more time relaxing! Get our gel fingers & toes package for just £40, or add a brow tint and shape for only £9 extra when you buy online! 
LVL Lash Lift

Rather than adding faux lashes, make your natural ones flutter all the better.This incredible 45 minute service creates a natural curl and gives the effect of longer, healthier lashes without causing damage. Loved by celebs around the world, this is the perfect treatment for low maintenance natural beach beauty.

With our current deal you can get LVL lashes complete with brow tint and tidy for only £39.99! RRP £66.

Buy online here




.Brow Tint with Shape

Who wants to be plucking and waxing their brows, not to mention pencilling them on whilst they're on holiday? Not us! Grab a brow tint and shape from Bliss for perfect no-maintenance brows.

£20 package

Shop here




Express Pedicure 

Low on time to get your winter feet sandal-ready? We have you covered! Aroma Spa Products are presented to suit your mood, including Soak plus Dreamy Moisture Massage. Leave feeling relaxed with super soft feet ad polished toes.

From £24

Buy online




Sunbed Prep Sessions to avoid BURN on your jolly Hols...

Pre-holiday sunbeds prepare your skin for the sun and help to avoid sunburn whilst you're on holiday. Pay as you go sunbeds start from just £2 for 3 minutes or save money with our current offer: 80 minutes for £19.95 complete with a free tanning shot when you buy online.

Shop online

We can't wait to see you in branch and pamper you to perfection for your summer holidays!

Call us to book your spa appointment.

Bliss Baby  0113 275 2675   
Bliss West Park 0113 230 4305



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5 hottest summer holiday destinations for 2019   

12 Apr 2019

5 hottest summer holiday destinations for 2019   

where to go on holiday summer 2019


Sit tight, summer IS coming. What better way to get excited about summer than to start planning your summer holiday?! To inspire you, here's our top five suggestions of places to visit in 2019.

1. The Pelopennesse, Greece

This is the up and coming holiday destination in Greece, so it's busy for not as crowded as the popular islands that Brits have been flocking to for years. Think miles of pristine white sand dunes, and Mediterranean charm. This is a quieter corner of Greece where you can simply relax, unwind, and enjoy a bit of culture and good food.

2. Panama

In 2019, Panama City will mark its 500-year history with a huge party. Panama may be a small country, but it has miles of white sand beaches,  tropical rainforests, and misty highlands to explore as you learn about the indigenous culture.

3. Belarus

Head to Belarus this summer for a cool art scene and hip cafes by day, and partying in bierstubes and fashionable cocktail bars by night. Summer is the best time to visit for more mild temperatures that us Brits can handle. 

4. Tohoku, Japan

Indulge in Japanese culture in the lesser known region of Tohoku. 90 minutes north-east of Tokyo, Tohoku offers incredibly varied natural landscapes perfect for hiking. Visit in August for the famous Amori Nebuta Festival, uring which bamboo floats are constructed with paper depicting mythical gods, creatures, and kabuki characters.

5. Otago, New Zealand

Prepare to be amazing by the natural beauty of New Zealand. Home to glacial highlands and sunken valleys, visitors should take in the best of the island's Southern Alps region for hiking, biking and sleeping in remote luxury accommodations.

These are just a few of our favourites to get you inspired. Wherever you head to this year, we hope you have an amazing time! Don't forget to book your pre-holiday nails, tans, lashes and more with Bliss!
Keep an eye on the blog - we'll be putting up a post on the best pre-holiday beauty treatments and packages!

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Our Best Pre-Holiday Beauty Treatments and Packages   

16 Apr 2018

Our Best Pre-Holiday Beauty Treatments and Packages

 The all-important summer holiday has been booked, and you've started shopping for the perfect new bikini. Now all that's left is to book your pre-holiday Bliss appointment, to ensure that you'll be kept looking perfect throughout your break. Nails, tan, weight loss, hair removal - we have you covered!

summer beauty

With our wide range of premium gel polishes, we're sure to have the perfect summer shade for you. Best of all, they last up to two weeks - no need to re-do them whilst you're away! Get gel fingers for £24, or combine gel fingers and toes for just £42. View all nail treatments and purchase online here, or purchase one of our summer beauty packages to combine your gel nails with other treatments.

 As for your tan, we have two tempting options for you. Start working on your natural tan early with 80 sunbed minutes for just £20, or fake it til you make it with a bronzing, contouring spray tan in your choice of natural, medium or dark. Bring a friend or three to save £££! View all of our tanning options and purchase online here. 


Desperate to lose a few pounds for that perfect beach body? Don't worry - Bliss is here to help. 3D Lipo is clinically proven to promote dramatic weight loss in a safe, fuss-free and non-surgical series of treatments carried out by our expertly-trained professionals. This discreet service has transformed some of clients’ waistlines already and the beauty team are raving about it. Please do call us for a private consultation to find out more. Read more here

3d lipo

 For the important issue of pre-holiday hair removal, Bliss has nothing but options for you. With plenty of waxing options including specialist bikini styles, there's something for everyone. We are also pleased to offer pain-free super hair removal at Bliss.The SkinPULSE SHR system is a revolution in the removal of hair, quicker and with better results than traditional IPL or laser. This proven technique of low intensity selected wavelengths of light gently heat up the hair folicale to damage the stem cell and successfully prevent regrowth. Treatments are PAIN FREE and are super-fast!


Why not combine a few treatments in one of our summer holiday packages for the perfect beauty combo for you?

Choose your 2 week gel from our huge range of premium brand shades. Complete with your choice of a professional tint & shape or sexy bronzing spray tan.

Our 2 week super lashes are perfect for low maintenance holiday glamour. Choose your desired length and thickness for a natural or dramatic look to suit your party mood. Add a brow shape to compliment your lovely lashes and gel nails in your choice of shade from a huge range.

 De-fuzz ready for your summer holiday with a tempting wax package!

Get a mini makeover for your holiday and save £££ with this package - celeb fave LVL lashes for a natural flirty flutter, sculptured brows to frame your face and complete the look with your choice from three top treatments...

LVL with sexy spray tan £49.99.

Lvl with gel fingers in your choice of colour from our huge range of top brand polishes. £56

LVL With Back Treatment £59.99

LVL With Microdermabrasion £69.99.

Choose from LVL natural lash enhancement, or 2 week super lashes in your choice of length and thickness. Add a brow tint & shape to compliment your glam lashes, and complete with a bronzing, contouring spray tan in your choice of shade.  

Combine a few Bliss favourites and you're ready for anything! 

Get ready for your summer holiday at Bliss. Choose from Nouveau or Russian lashes for a glam flutter. Combine with a choice of any advanced bikini wax or gel nails complete with a brow tidy.

 Visit our offers page to view all summer packages, read the terms and conditions and purchase online as a voucher to redeem in branch.

Bliss hopes you have the holiday of a lifetime - you deserve it!

Bliss Baby  0113 275 2675   

Bliss West Park 0113 230 4305

Bliss Retreat 0113 258 8425

Bliss Street Lane 0113 269 8522

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Where to go on Holiday This Summer   

11 Apr 2018

Where to go on Holiday This Summer

 It may be raining, but you'll be pleased to know that Leeds is expecting some nice weather in just a few days (fingers crossed!). What better way to get excited about summer than to start planning your summer holiday?! To inspire you, here's our top five suggestions of places to visit in 2018. 

 1. Andaman Islands

These 300 little-known islands are located in the Bay of Bengal, 850 miles east of India's mainland. They are practically untouched and barely developed, with just 12 open for tourism. There are now more flights available from India, making this paradise more accessible. If you love pristine white sands, stunning turquoise waters and fabulous coral, this is the place for you. Visitors also love to explore the surrounds and marine life via kayaking, snorkelling or diving.


2. Valletta, Malta

Soak up a whole lot of culture in Malta's beautiful, historic capital. Time your visit with one of the many arts, cultural or music events taking place this year. The cathedrals and galleries make this the ultimate destination for art and culture fanatics.

3. St. Helena

 Flights to this remote island were only introduced last year, making it much easier to visit. Explore fern-clad forests, volcanic plains, and rocky shores. Take a diving or snorkelling trip to get up close and personal with the many species of unique marine life. Visit between June-December to see the migrating humpback whales, or December-March to see whale sharks. 

4. Mauritius

If idyllic, remote island are your thing, Mauritius is also worth considering. As of the end of 2017, more airlines are travelling to Mauritius, making this beautiful destination much more accessible. Hike through rain forests and mountains, relax on the stunning beaches, and explore the beautiful reefs and lagoons. 

5. Parga, Greece

This village is the epitome of Greek culture. Colourful houses sweep up the side of the mountain, and tiny craft boutiques and markets spill out onto the cobbled streets. Hike to the Pasha Venetian castle ruins, relax on the picture perfect Voltos beach, or take the ferry to Corfu and Paxos for the day.

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