Our favourite autumn 2019 beauty trends   

18 Sep 2019

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Our favourite autumn 2019 beauty trends

Autumn is almost upon us - but don't be too upset about summer coming to an end. In the beauty world we have exciting times ahead with bold, beautiful trends that you can easily replicate. Here are the top five beauty trends for autumn.

Windswept hair

This season hair is casually undone with wispy baby strands, and flyaway fringes for a windswept look. Don't be afraid of a small amount of frizz!

autumn beauty trends

Groomed brows

Whilst hair is casual, brows are perfectly polished and filled in if necessary. Book your tint and shape or HD brows appointment at Bliss for the perfect look.

hd brows leeds

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Red lips

Red lips never go out of style, they just change slightly from season to season. This autumn, red lips are velvety with an ultra-matt finish.

autumn beauty trends

Long lashes

Both top and bottom lashes should be elongated this season for a wide-eyed look. At Bliss we have you covered with a huge range of premium lash treatments whether you prefer to perfect your natural lashes or add falsies. See the full range here or check our offers page for the best prices. 

Skin is in

Healthy skin is never a bad look, but this season a glowing, radiant look is key. To boost your natural skin the easy way, see our full range of rejuvenating facials

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Our Favourite Spring 2019 Beauty Trends   

25 Feb 2019

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Our Favourite Spring 2019 Beauty Trends

Spring is just around the corner, and we can't wait for longer days, warmer weather, and everything that comes with it. To pass the time until those delightful spring days, we're choosing some top new beauty products for the hottest spring trends. Read on for our favourite Spring 2019 beauty trends.

1. Think Pink

This spring, think blush-pink when you're selecting eyeshadow, lip colours, blusher... everything, really! Complete the look with a pretty half-up hairstyle or a ballerina bun, and accessorise with flowers for a romantic look that't right on trend. 

pink makeup

2. Glam glitter

Glitter is going nowhere this spring, with glitzy metallic looks everywhere. Choose glittery gold eyeshadow and nail polish, and glowing sun-kissed skin. Check out tanning options at Bliss, and ask your nail technician for our gold and glittery options when you come in for your nail appointment.

acrylic and gel nails

leeds sunbed deal

3. Just-had-a-facial skin

 Beautiful skin is always a good look, but this spring we're taking it to the next level. Your facial skincare products are just as important as your makeup for that just-had-a-facial look with beautiful natural skin. Check out our range of fabulous facials and complete with a hint of shine on your cheeks, eyelids and lips for a beautiful on-trend look.


elemis facial

4. Pastel hair

Experiment with different pastel colours to find one that suits your style. Pastel toned hair matches makeup and clothes that are in style this season for a sophisticated monochrome look. Any pastel tone goes, but if in doubt think pink.

pastel pink hair

5. Next level nails

This spring when it comes to nails less isn't more, less is a bore. Add acrylics for dramatic length and stylish shapes, and complete with nail art and gemstones. Check out our range of nail treatments to stay on trend this spring. 

acrylic and gel nails

gel nails

Do check our monthly multideals regularly to stay on trend this spring, with amazing deals on your favourite beauty treatments. 

Check our blog often for the latest trends in beauty, fashion, food, drinks and more!

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2019's Biggest Food Trends   

16 Jan 2019

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2019's Biggest Food Trends

It's no secret that we love to stay ahead of the crowd in our salons. You're also probably aware that we love our food, so this is another area that we hate to fall behind in! We've scouted out the biggest food trends of 2019 - read on to find out what they are!

1. Eco-friendly dining

More and more restaurants are composting their leftovers and returning them to growers, in a bid to reduce waste to zero. Packaged foods are also getting an eco-friendly makeover with companies searching for alternative packaging options to reduce plastic use, and shops expected to encourage customers to bring their own vegetable bags.

2. More healthy fats

High-fat, low-carb diets such as keto and paleo are on the rise and that's set to continue throughout 2019. Health and fitness influencers are singing the praises of these diets, and we should expect to see more enticing food options available for those following high fat diet plans.

keto diet

3. Plant-based foods

2018 saw the rise of flexitarianism, with any people reducing their meat intake or turning completely vegetarian or vegan. We'll see more of this in 2019, with mushrooms playing a leading role in plant-based foods.

plant based diet

4. Healthier alternatives to ice cream

 Guilt-free ice cream alternatives have been around for a while, whether it's vegan options or low-sugar treats. This year we can expect to see an increase in these options, with novelty health flavours such as avocado, hummus, and tahini. 

Whatever you;re eating this year, do check the Bliss blog regularly for restaurant recommendations, recipes and the latest food news.

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5 Hottest Autumn Beauty Trends   

14 Sep 2018
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5 Hottest Autumn Beauty Trends

Autumn is almost upon us - but don't be too upset about summer coming to an end. In the beauty world we have exciting times ahead with bold, beautiful trends that you can easily replicate. Here are the top five beauty trends for autumn.

Big blow drys

The days of natural hair are over - autumn's looking glam! This season go for glossy waves with lots of volume for a polished look.

 blow dry

Bright eye make up

Autumn doesn't have to be dull - bright pops of colour still have their place now that summer's over. Go for a paintbox bright eyeshadow or eyeliner - hot pink is the key colour but yellows and greens are also bang on trend. 

bold eyes


Catwalks have been showered in glitter as autumn approached - the more the better, complete with crystals around the eyes. For a more wearable look, book in your spray tan and use a gold glittery highlighter on your cheekbones. 

Bold lashes

Mascara is back and in a big way - the more dramatic the lashes, the better. Try Bliss' 2-week superlashes in your choice of length and thickness, or Russian lashes for a glam flutter.

Scarlet lips

This season lips are bold and bright - it's all about female empowerment and making a statement!

 Get the look at Bliss!

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The Biggest Trends For AW 2017!   

26 Aug 2017

The Biggest Trends For AW 2017!

 Autumn is nearly upon us, so as August draws to an end it's time to consider the key beauty trends for the new season...

1. Perfectly imperfect lips. After years of constantly trying to ensure that our lipstick looks perfect all night we're certainly in for a change. This trend is about creating perfectly smudged lips.

2. Laid-back, tousled hair. Muss up natural hair with texturising spray for an effortless look.

3. Bold eyeliner either jet black or with a flash of colour. Don't be afraid to go all out!

4. Statement nails! Whether you add a design such as floral or opt for glitter or crystals, it's the season to make your nails stand out. 

5. Groomed minimalism. This look is about a flawless, subtly groomed appearance - minimal make-up, glowing skin, perfectly groomed brows and curled lashes.

6. Straight and sleek - out with the curls, in with the pin straight, high shine hair. Wear down or in a sleek ponytail. 

7. Rose Tint - a wash of delicate, soft pink of cheeks, eyes and lips.

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