Take care of your liver with your top tips

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Take care of your liver with your top tips

As the weather warms up we look forward to a summer of beer gardens, weddings, holidays, festivals, and barbeques - all of which can get quite boozy. Whilst this is a perfectly reasonable way to spend your summer, your liver may need some help at times when you're indulging more often than usual.

Two ways that we can do this is by including plenty of foods that benefit liver health in our diets, and taking supplements that support healthy liver function. Read on for our top foods and supplements.


Close-up of Coffee Cup on Table.

Top foods to eat to support liver health

1. Coffee - studies have shown that coffee helps to protect the liver against disease.

2. Green tea - several studies have supported this, including one that found that the best results were seen in those who drank at least 4 cups per day.

3. Berries - berries contain antioxidants called polyphenols which may help to protect the liver against damage.


Red and Black Berries on Brown Woven Basket


4. Cruciferous vegetables - such as Brussel sprouts, broccoli, and leafy greens have been shown to help increase levels of detoxification enzymes and protect the liver.

5. Fatty fish - has many health benefits and may also help to prevent the buildup of excess fats and maintain enzyme levels in the liver.

6. Nuts - studies have also suggested that nuts may promote liver health by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress.


Brown Nuts


Top supplements for liver health

1. Liposomal glutathione - glutathione is known as the bodies master antioxidant, and helps to protect cells from toxin damage and oxidative stress. 

2. Alpha-lipoic acid - ALA promotes glutathione production in the liver which supports liver regeneration and helps with recovery from liver damage.

3. N-acetyl cysteine - promotes the production of glutathione, and directly fights free radicals, doing wonders for the health of your liver.

Enjoy your spring and summer however you decide to spend it - just don't forget to take care of yourself too!