The Benefits of a One Day Liquid Fast

The Benefits of a One Day Liquid Fast

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Whilst liquid diets have been popular for some time, they have also attracted a bad name for themselves due to the negative effects associated with them. However, according to experts this is because many people are doing them the wrong way and for the wrong reasons. For best results, a 24-hour liquid fast is the perfect amount of time, and any longer will actually lead to the opposite of the desired effects.

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So what are the benefits? Digesting food accounts for around 50% of the bodies energy expenditure, so by only consuming liquids you are taking out a lot of the hard work and leaving excess energy to be used elsewhere. Therefore, a one day liquid fast will leave you feeling energised. You will feel lighter in body and mind, brain fog will lift, and you will find it easier to concentrate. By consuming blended fruit and veg, you will be taking in plenty of antioxidants, which help with the bodied natural detoxification process, helping your vital organs to work more quickly.

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The fast will also give your metabolism a small shock, helping to to work more effectively. However, if you carry on for too many days, your body will go into survival mode and your metabolism will slow down, leaving you with less energy. This is why 24 hours is the perfect amount of time. However, you can do one liquid day per week or month.

Soups, juices, smoothies and herbal teas will form the basis of your liquid day, and remember to drink plenty of water too. How much liquid you consume and when will be determined by your own body, as everyone is different. Try different recipes to find your favourites which have the best effect and give a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Try starting the day with a mug of hot water with the juice of half a lemon, then have a smoothie or juice for breakfast, followed by another as a mid-morning snack. Eat soup for lunch and dinner, with another juice or smoothie as an afternoon snack. This should fill you up if done correctly, and don't be afraid to have an extra drink if you're starving. 

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