The Best Exercise For Your Age

The Best Exercise For Your Age

If you want to lose a few pounds for party season, exercise is key. Not only can it help you to fit into your perfect party dress, but it also helps us to feel our best throughout winter. It's essential to remember that as with many things, workouts aren't a one-type-fits-all kind of thing. If you want to be as strong as possible in your older years, be sure to do the right kind of exercise when you're younger and throughout your life. Here's the type of exercise you should be doing, according to your age group...


Right now you're at your physical peak of strength, speed and recovery. If you want to maintain that as much as possible later in life, then you should try to lay down healthy eating and exercising patterns now. Aim for five workouts per week with a mix of moderate aerobic activity and strength training. Enjoy a variety of different workouts to endurance, strength and lean muscle, which will be easier to retain later on in life. 



As your body and lifestyle changes in your 30s, so should your workouts. It is recommended to focus on pilates or a dynamic form of yoga in this time to improve your cardiovascular system as well as your flexibility. The stress-relieving benefits of yoga also compliment the often more stressful lifestyle of those in their 30s. 



In your 40s and 50s you begin to lose muscle mass and cardiovascular function begins to decline. Weightlifting and body weight exercises can be extremely beneficial to combat loss of muscle mass, whilst HIIT is the ideal option for busy ladies to burn fat and improve cardiovascular function, with highly effective workouts taking as little as 20 minutes.



At this time your thoughts may be turning to maintaining your physical functionality as you age. Increased weight training will help you to maintain muscle mass, whilst swimming will help to maintain cardiovascular functionality. Exercises such as pilates, dance and yoga can be extremely beneficial to help you retain flexibility and balance as you age.



Regular exercise offers protection against ageing. The focus should now be on low-intensity, low impact workouts, such as tai chi to improve joint health and balance. Brisk walking and even running can also be extremely beneficial at this time in your life. 

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