The Biggest Trends For AW 2017!

The Biggest Trends For AW 2017!

 Autumn is nearly upon us, so as August draws to an end it's time to consider the key beauty trends for the new season...

1. Perfectly imperfect lips. After years of constantly trying to ensure that our lipstick looks perfect all night we're certainly in for a change. This trend is about creating perfectly smudged lips.

2. Laid-back, tousled hair. Muss up natural hair with texturising spray for an effortless look.

3. Bold eyeliner either jet black or with a flash of colour. Don't be afraid to go all out!

4. Statement nails! Whether you add a design such as floral or opt for glitter or crystals, it's the season to make your nails stand out. 

5. Groomed minimalism. This look is about a flawless, subtly groomed appearance - minimal make-up, glowing skin, perfectly groomed brows and curled lashes.

6. Straight and sleek - out with the curls, in with the pin straight, high shine hair. Wear down or in a sleek ponytail. 

7. Rose Tint - a wash of delicate, soft pink of cheeks, eyes and lips.