The Bliss Guide to Making your Nail Polish Last

The Bliss Guide to Making your Nail Polish Last

1. Freeze dry fresh polish - Hate having to wait ages for your nail varnish to dry, running the risk of smudging your hard work? When you've painted on a fresh lick of polish, try this speed drying trick; dunk your nails in a bowl of ice water to seal your colour down. Lacquer dries faster in cooler temps, so two or three minutes will do, et voila, a hard-wear manicure in less than half the time.

2. Avoid Chipping - Isn't it soo annoying when your beautiful mani chips after just a couple of days, however careful you are? Once you've finished painting, brush your clear topcoat along the tip of your nail; this seal-down streak closes up the raw edge to help lacquer last much longer.  

3. Avoid getting nail varnish on your fingers and toes by wiping a little vaseline around the edges of your nails (but not on your nails). Then, should you paint on skin, it just sticks to the balm so you can simply wipe it away.

4. Boost the vibrancy of summer brights by using a white base coat.

5. Go for thin layers - Sure, one thick coat may be speedy at getting that polish on, but it also dries a lot slower than our easy technique. Even when you think it's all fine, it hasn't set right through, while three thin layers seal down quickly without the risk of smears.

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