The Lowdown on HD Brows

The Lowdown on HD Brows

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Eyebrows frame your face and can really define your whole look. Luckily we have the ideal treatment to get the brows you want, and the expert therapists to carry it out. Here's everything you need to know about HD brows...

How it works

The treatment is quick and simple, taking around 45 minutes to complete the 7 HD Brow steps to achieve the glamorous celebrity look. 

Before the treatment is carried out we will  assess your face shape, colour and natural brow shape. This helps our beauticians determine what would be best suited for you.
All HD Brows are different, and this is because everyone has different eyebrow shapes, colours and thickness. HD Brows can be thick, thin, dark, light, soft or sharp. This all depends on what look you want and the natural state of the brows. The process will be bespoke to your individual needs.
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Here are the 7 quick steps to the perfects eyebrows;

 Step1: Your beautician will clear around your eyebrows to get rid of any unwanted makeup, oils and dirt to create a clean area that is ready for the treatment. During the cleansing your beautician will asses your facial shape and eyebrows natural state.

 Step 2: Bespoke HD tint will be applied to the eyebrows and the fine surrounding hairs, this will give your beautician more to work with and a better chance of achieving the perfect brows on your first visit. The tint that is applied is a high pigment solution that will give you a longer lasting result. 


 Step 3: Using HD Brows guidelines the wax will be applied to both above and below the eyebrow and customised to suit your look.  Once the wax has been removed with any unwanted hairs to follow, the area is then ready for threading.

 Step 4: Threading of the fine fluffy hairs around the brow area will be used to blend into the hair line. 

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 Step 5: Tweezing is then used to tighten the shape of the eyebrow, setting it into a perfect shape.

 Step 6: Trimming will then be used to shorten any unnecessary length to the inner corners of the brows.It also helps the hair follicle sit neatly in place

 Step 7: Finishing and Aftercare.In most cases some clients with a lighter eyebrow colour will need a small about of eyebrow pencil or powder applied. This is applied to fill in any unwanted gaps. Lastly Brow Beater will be applied to the entire area to set the newly shaped and tinted brows in place.

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 For HD Brow maintenance bliss Beauty recommend at least 4-6 weeks, this will be when the hair has grown back through and the colour will have faded. 

Please be aware that 24 hours prior to your service you will need a skin patch test, this will be a small about of the product/ colour applied to the open are at he the back of your ear or on the inner side to your elbow where the skin is most sensitive. This process is produced just to make sure you are not allergic to the HD Brow Solution.

 Another top tip for HD Brows id that you do not use any products that contain AHA’s / fruit acids around the eye area for at least 1 week before and after receiving this treatment, this is because they thin the skin and will make it more sensitive to wax.

 Some clients will need a few visits to achieve the best HD brow, this will only be needed if extensive eyebrow plucking has been a part of your routine.


Celeb Fans

TV stars such as Hollyoaks' Jennifer Metcalfe and Coronation Street's Michelle Keegan are huge fans of the bold HD brow. Other celeb fans include Amy Childs, Cher Lloyd, Katie Price, Una Healy and the girls from Little Mix!

My review

I always like to makeup my brows to look bold, so I was excited at the prospect of having them properly shaped and tinted. However as Charlotte, explained to me, HD brows are different to a regular shape and tint. The 7 step treatment gives the ultimate well groomed, sculpted brows and transforms your face. 

The treatment took place at Bliss Spa in one of their lovely comfortable, clean rooms. Charlotte first measured which areas of my eyebrows needed regrowth and which needed hairs removing to get the ideal shape. She asked me what colour I'd like, and I said I wanted my brows a little darker than my natural colour, so she went ahead with the tinting. A combination of waxing, threading and tweezing was then used to remove excess hairs.Once my eyebrows were tinted and shaped, Charlotte used make up to fill in the areas which needed regrowth. She also wrote down for me what products she had used, and shaded in a picture of which parts of my eyebrows needed regrowth, so I would know which areas to fill in with makeup. 

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I was over the moon with the final result; my eyebrows looked neat and perfectly shaped, and although they really stood out they weren't too bold. I felt that they really changed my whole face, and friends also said the same, as I have had a lot of compliments on them. I would definitely recommend this treatment at Bliss. 

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If you have any questions about this treatment, don't hesitate to call one of our salons or email Beverley at

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