The Most Figure-Friendly Alcoholic Drinks   

10 Jun 2019

The Most Figure-Friendly Alcoholic Drinks

Bliss are aiming for total body confidence for all this summer. For some of us, that might mean cutting out alcohol altogether to achieve our goals. But for those of us who still want to have the occasional drink, or have some special occasions coming up,  we can still make smarter choices for our perfect beach body. 

Here is our guide to how many calories are in your favourite alcoholic drinks.

White wine: 121 calories per glass... not too bad for a treat... but unfortunately that equates to 605 calories per bottle, so don't get too carried away!
Red wine: 125 calories per glass. Slightly more than the white, however keep in mind that red wine is full of antioxidants and a small amount (1 glass per day) may actually help to fight weight gain, as well as having many other health benefits. 
Champagne: 96 calories per glass - the winner of the wines!
Beer: 208 calories per pint - alongside a high carb content, beer is not your beach bodies friend. 
Cider: 210 calories per pint - unfortunately cider must also be reduced to an occasional treat. 
Tequila: Those shots that seem like such a good idea at 1am are coming in at 104 calories - maybe we won't be so ready to agree next time. 
Vodka and Gin: Vodka and gin are some of your best options, coming in at 55 calories each for a shot. However, add a sugary mixer and you'll only be adding more calories - a gin and tonic comes in at 120 calories. Mix with soda for no extra cals. 
Alcohol doesn't have to be completely cut out, just be smart about what you order! Now call up your friends, book your last minute spray tan and gel manicure, and head out to the bar!

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