Treatment of The Week: Super Lashes

Treatment of The Week: Super Lashes

 This week's treatment of the week is perfect for your weekend plans! Super lashes are applied in clusters and last up to 2-3 weeks. Plus, they can be customised to suit your preferences. Choose short medium or long length, and natural or dramatic thickness. Your therapist can help you to decide which is best for you if you're unsure.

Purchase one full set of super lashes with a free brow shape for £28, or bring a friend and get two sets with brow shapes for £49. Our top up treatment for £15 allows your lashes to last even longer, and our lash removal for £16 gets your lashes professionally removed when they start to fall off. 


Combine your super lashes treatment with a couple of other Bliss favourites: a professional brow shape and premium brand gel nails, and you're ready for the weekend! This package and all others can be purchased online here and redeemed in branch. 

Visit us in salon to make the most of our £1 treatment sale: combine your super lashes with another treatment and get a third treatment for just £1! Choose our pre-made package with glam acrylic nails with gel finish, a relaxing dreamy back massage and super lashes with a brow shape, plus a free gift! Or mix and match from our full menu and create your own package.



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