What Treatments Does Bliss do For Men?

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What Treatments Does Bliss do For Men?

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In our recent customer survey, many Bliss clients indicated that they would like more information on what spa treatments are available for men. Often when males consider a spa, they think of pampering and images which they don't find particularly masculine. However, our treatments are available to both men and women, and many men enjoy frequent visits to Bliss. Here are some of their favourite spa treatments.


Several studies have shown that men are more likely to store up stress and worries, whilst women are more likely to share them. The downside of bottling up this stress is that men are more likely to be both mentally and physically tense. Irritability and trouble sleeping can be linked to anxiety, and a massage helps people to relax and ease out tension in the muscles. A relaxing massage can also be a regular and welcome diversion from problems, and may be just the ticket for a man when he finishes a hard day at work.Bliss' range of massages includes sports massages, massages designed to help you detox and lose weight, and many designed simply for deep relaxation. Not only that but we have many massages from top brands such as Elemis, Environ and Dermalogica. View our full range here.


Our wide range of premium facials are suitable for both men and women, whether you have specific skin issues or just want to relax and refresh your skin, we have something for everyone. Throughout October, our facials are all available on a buy 1 get 1 half price deal with a free brow tint & shape. Browse the range now and purchase online or in branch. 


Bliss provides a range of waxes specifically designed for men. Our male customers particularly enjoy the gents soothing wax package - view the full range here and buy online.


Many men also enjoy tanning at Bliss, whether it be via sunbeds or spray tans. Keeping a healthy golden glow all year round isn't just for females! View our tanning options and buy online here. 

Manicures & pedicures

Manicures and pedicures help us to relax and soothe tired hands and feet, which is why they're a popular favourite amongst both male and female spa-goers. View our full range including our CND manicure & pedicure deal for only £35.

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