Where to go on Holiday This Summer

Where to go on Holiday This Summer

 It may be raining, but you'll be pleased to know that Leeds is expecting some nice weather in just a few days (fingers crossed!). What better way to get excited about summer than to start planning your summer holiday?! To inspire you, here's our top five suggestions of places to visit in 2018. 

 1. Andaman Islands

These 300 little-known islands are located in the Bay of Bengal, 850 miles east of India's mainland. They are practically untouched and barely developed, with just 12 open for tourism. There are now more flights available from India, making this paradise more accessible. If you love pristine white sands, stunning turquoise waters and fabulous coral, this is the place for you. Visitors also love to explore the surrounds and marine life via kayaking, snorkelling or diving.


2. Valletta, Malta

Soak up a whole lot of culture in Malta's beautiful, historic capital. Time your visit with one of the many arts, cultural or music events taking place this year. The cathedrals and galleries make this the ultimate destination for art and culture fanatics.

3. St. Helena

 Flights to this remote island were only introduced last year, making it much easier to visit. Explore fern-clad forests, volcanic plains, and rocky shores. Take a diving or snorkelling trip to get up close and personal with the many species of unique marine life. Visit between June-December to see the migrating humpback whales, or December-March to see whale sharks. 

4. Mauritius

If idyllic, remote island are your thing, Mauritius is also worth considering. As of the end of 2017, more airlines are travelling to Mauritius, making this beautiful destination much more accessible. Hike through rain forests and mountains, relax on the stunning beaches, and explore the beautiful reefs and lagoons. 

5. Parga, Greece

This village is the epitome of Greek culture. Colourful houses sweep up the side of the mountain, and tiny craft boutiques and markets spill out onto the cobbled streets. Hike to the Pasha Venetian castle ruins, relax on the picture perfect Voltos beach, or take the ferry to Corfu and Paxos for the day.