Which alcoholic drinks are best and worst for your skin?

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Which alcoholic drinks are best and worst for your skin?

 With the pubs fully reopened and restrictions eased it's inevitable that most of us will be heading to our favourite beer gardens and rooftop bars to enjoy a few cheeky drinks in the sun. Sure, we know alcohol is bad for us but it provides such a lovely summer pastime - something about those rays just makes us yearn for cocktails. So, if you're concerned about your skin, let us fill you in on which drinks are the worst for your skin, and which aren't so bad, so you can at least make an informed decision. 

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Due to it's lower sugar content compared to other drinks, our lovely little 3am treats are less likely to cause a breakout. It's also less likely to leave you with a hangover compared to darker spirits like rum or whisky. Skip the salt for best results. Margaritas all round, please!



On the one hand, beer has a relatively high salt content, which is not great for your skin. On the other hand, it contains antioxidants and even has anti-ageing benefits. It can also be less dehydrating than other drinks as it has a lower alcohol content and tends to be drunk slower - good for the skin AND the hangover. 

Gin and Vodka

Gin and vodka are low in both salt and sugar, meaning that they are not as bad for your skin as other drinks. They also produce less of a hangover! HOWEVER if you mix your spirit with sugary soft drinks all night (including in cocktails) the effects on your skin will be considerably worse. For best results, mix with water, soda water or diet soft drinks. 

 White Wine

white wine

Winos look away now - you will not like what you're about to read! Unfortunately your favourite glass of savvy b is high in sugar, causing cell damage and skin ageing. There are no benefits for your skin, just damage (sad face). 


We hate to say it, but this delicious classic cocktail is loaded with sugar. Long term this leads to increased wrinkles and acne. But if you can't give up this tasty, rum-based treat, you could always ask the bartender to make it with half as much sugar as usual...

 Red Wine

red wine

Unfortunately our favourite winter tipple is just about the worst drink for your skin. Maybe we can justify it by remembering all the health benefits of red wine...

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