Yoga Poses For a Beach-Ready Body and Mind

Yoga Poses For a Beach-Ready Body and Mind


It's that time of year again when many of us are thinking about how to get that perfect beach body. However, it's also important to prepare your mind to relax and unwind in order to make the most of your summer holiday. Yoga is the ideal way to calm the mind whilst sculpting a strong and sexy beach body. The following poses will tone the legs, butt, abs and upper body. Perform each pose on the left side then the right, at least three times per week for a beach ready body and mind. 

1. Quarter Dog - shoulders, upper back and abs


Begin in downward facing dog. Lower your forearms to the mat and try to straighten your legs and lower your heels to the floor. Relax your head and direct your gaze towards your belly button. Hold for five breaths.

2. Balancing Star - arms, shoulders, abs and thighs

Plant the sole of your right food firmly on the mat so your toes are pointing left. Place your right hand flat at the front end of your mat facing forwards. Raise your body up off the mat with your left leg and hand raised into the air. Direct your gaze towards your left hand. Hold for five breaths.

 3. Knee up plank - abs, upper body and legs

Place both hands on the mat facing forwards and come into a plant position. Straighten your arms and bring your right knee up to your chest. Hold for five breaths.

4. Burning low lunge - thighs and bum

Keep your left leg in place and bring your right foot forward to between your hands, coming into a low lunge. Lower your torso and reach your right arm underneath your bent right knee. Interlace both hands in front of your right ankle. Keep all the weight in your legs, resisting the urge to lean into your hands. Hold for five breaths.

5. Warrior 3 - abs, back and thighs

Stand upright on your mat. Lift your left leg behind you as you lower your chest so that your left leg and torso are parallel to the floor. Reach your arms out in front of you. Hold for five breaths.

6. Intense East - upper body, bum and thighs

Sit on the mat between your hands and extend your legs in front of you. Place hands 6-8 inches behind you so that your finger tips are facing towards you. Press into your hands and feet as you lift your hips as high as you can, so your spine is in a long line. Lower your head behind you. Hold for five breaths. 

 A blissful body massage is the perfect accompaniment to your yoga routine for ultimate holistic wellbeing. See our full range of deeply relaxing massages to force you to let you of your stress. 


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