Your Guide to Nail Shapes

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Your Guide to Nail Shapes

If you're popping in for a file and polish, 2 week gels, or premium acrylic nails, knowing which nail shape you want will help to ensure that you leave with the nails of dreams. Here are some of the most popular nail shapes...

nail shapes


This shape is best suited to those with a narrow nail bed, as it creates the illusion of the nail being wider than it actually is. However it is a very pretty shape and very flattering on those with narrow nail beds. 


Similar to the coffin, ballerina nails are long and tapered to a squared off point. Like with other long shapes, they're best suited to acrylics to avoid breakage. 


Just like stiletto heels, this shape is fierce and makes a statement. The nail needs to be super long and lead to a sharp point. The downside to this sassy shape is that it can be prone to breakage, particularly on natural nails. 


This long, elegant nail shape has a tapered tip. This is best suited to acrylic nails as it can become weak at the tip and be prone to breakage. 


This ones pretty self explanatory - with straight sides and a curved edge it's a combination of the square and the oval. It's flattering on most people and resiliant against breakage. 


Classic, simple, always a winner. The curved edge should almost mirror the curve of the cuticle, which should be flattering on everyone. 


This shape is super on-trend thanks to the power of Instagram and celebs including Kylie Jenner. This requires long nails or acrylics, in order to taper the sides off into a point, which is then squared off. 


The nail is filed into a perfect semi-circle in the classic, low-maintenance, resilient style. Always guaranteed to be a winner! 

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