bliss Eye Treatments - LVL Lash Lift   

Services from £11.00

LVL Ultra Natural Lash Lift, Tint AND Brow Shape...WOW!

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall who has the most fabulous lashes of them all? Nouveau LVL, girls, that's who! Rather than adding faux lashes, make your natural ones flutter all the better.

This incredible 45 minute service creates a natural curl and gives the effect of longer, healthier lashes without causing damage.

LVL Ultimate lash lift with regular tint & brow shape & top up lash tint... WOW £55.00
LVL lash lift package with HD tint £65.00
Tint & Shape £22.00
Eyebrow shape/tidy £12.50
Eyebrow tint £11.00
Eyelash tint £12.50
Eyebrow Threading £15.00
Face, Top Lip or Chin Threading £12.00
Brow tint & shape, and lash tint £30.00
Bliss 3d brows inc top up regular tint £32.00
Upon purchase you will receive a Unique Reference Number to present at the time of redemption.

This treatment is only avalable at the branches shown to the right.

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Eye Treatments - LVL Lash Lift

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Bliss Spa
  0113 230 4305
Bliss Retreat
  0113 258 8425
Bliss Baby
  0113 275 2675

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