Face Mapping Skin Analysis + Home Care Booster Skin Kit // INDULGE YOURSELF, YOU DESERVE IT!

bliss Face Mapping Skin Analysis + Home Care Booster Skin Kit   

This amazing treatment provides the perfect education for teenagers, skin care virgins & clients wanting and immediate starter prescription for their skin type. This will change your skin care routine permanently, giving long term incredible results. 

Treatment includes:

50 mins face treatment, face mapping skin analysis + 5 day Dermalogica at Bliss skin care trial kit.

    1 treatment (30 mins) £49.00
    Upon purchase you will receive a Unique Reference Number to present at the time of redemption.

    This treatment is only avalable at the branches shown to the right.

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    Available From...

    Bliss Spa
      0113 230 4305
    Bliss Retreat
      0113 258 8425
    Bliss Baby
      0113 275 2675

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