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bliss Contour Roller at Bliss Spa……   

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Discovered by plastic surgeons, Contour Roller is a skin rejuvenation treatment that works by stimulating the skins own repair system.  It has been shown that the treatment is effective in decreasing wrinkles and crow’s feet, helps in reducing pigmentation problems, sun damage and sagging skin. 

It is also very effective in reducing the appearance of scars, cellulite and stretch marks.  This is an anti – ageing treatment which tightens, brightens and stimulates the skin to produce collagen and elastin naturally.

Contour roller at Bliss is available 0.5mm as perfect anti-ageing treatment to suit all skin types, also available at Bliss - 1.5mm contour medical grade roller, perfect for pitted skin, open pores, acne scarring, anti-ageing, improving cellulite, stretch marks and much more, call for a free consultation now.

1 treatment - specify 0.5mm (allow up to 1 hour) £179.00
2 treatments - specify 0.5mm £299.00
3 treatments - specify 0.5mm £399.00
1 treatment - specify 1.5mm (allow up to 1 hour) £199.00
2 treatments - specify 1.5mm £350.00
3 treatments - specify 1.5mm £459.00
Upon purchase you will receive a Unique Reference Number to present at the time of redemption.

This treatment is only avalable at the branches shown to the right.

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Contour Roller at Bliss Spa……

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Bliss Spa
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