30 ways to keep your little ones entertained at home

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30 ways to keep your little ones entertained at home


We know that many of of our clients are now facing the tough challenge of keeping children entertained at home. Maybe you want to keep their screen time low and don't know what else to do with them, and maybe you want to find ways to burn their seemingly endless energy without leaving the house. We understand. Bliss director Beverley Silver has found herself in the exact same position along with several other Bliss beauty therapists. 

So here are 30 of our favourite ways to keep kinds entertained at home.

1. Try indoor fishing with paper fish with paper clips attached. Use a rod with a magnet on the end of the string.

2. Order supplies online to give pour painting a go and create some beautiful artwork.

3. Jigsaws!

4. If you're getting more deliveries at this time, use the boxes to build forts or other craft projects with the kids.

5. Bake cakes and biscuits

6. Host an indoor picnic.

7. Start a long-jump contest.

8. Build an obstacle course using household items

9. Put together your own puzzle by cutting up photos or postcards.

10. Roll out Bubble Wrap, tape it down, and jump and play.

11. Put on blindfolds and do a taste test of different random foods.

12. Mix 6 cups water + 2 cups dishwashing soap + 1 cup light corn syrup = big bubbles.

13. Draft a handwritten letter to a pen pal or a far-flung relative.

14. Get coloring! Download tons of free printable coloring pages here.

15. Hopscotch!

16. Press flowers and leaves between sheets of wax paper; then iron.

17. Fill and decorate a time capsule in a shoe box.

18. Use toys to create a home 'zoo' with different habitats in different rooms.

19. Have a virtual playdate 

20. Read books together, and write your own children's books.

21. Hold a tin can bowling contest

22. Plant some seeds

23. Design a treasure hunt

24. Create a scavenger hunt

25. Have an indoor campout

26. Get dressed up, bake some scones, and have a tea party

27. Play balloon tennis

28. Have a fashion show - and organise your wardrobes whilst you're at it!

29. Create a scrapbook

30. Do yoga as a family