Dermalogica Skin Care - Leeds


Dermalogica skin care is by far still one of the best out there. I have worked with dermalogica and used it within my personal skincare regime for over 10 years now, so I know first hand how well it works.

For homecare dermalogica is a sure thing for ladies and gents alike who want a simple skin care system that really works to improve their skin in every aspect. Particularly good for people that have combination or more problematic skin, the cleansers really get to work to clear congestion and blockages such as the dermal clay cleanser and special cleansing gel and will balance the skins oil levels to also prevent future breakouts for more permanently good skin!



Another hero product from dermalogica is the daily microfoliant, loved by people globally but also owner of bliss Beverley Silver! Everyone should have this product in their bathroom. It is simple and easy to use and gives amazing results. Using a formula of salicylic acid and rice it gives a deep exfoliation with every use to soften and brighten the skin. Making it perfect for those more sensitive skins or pigmentation problems.



As well as having superb products available for use at home, dermalogica have great professional treatments which are performed regularly here at bliss spa. Using dermalogica's unique face mapping consultation technique we start your treatment by step by step working out those problem areas that bother you about your skin, and we then devise a tailor made made treatment that's perfect for you to ensure the best results possible



I have lots of clients that believe fully in dermalogica and the difference it can make along with treatment and homecare together. Its an investment in your skin, no nonsense system that simply works. I always advise clients to have a dermalogica skincare regime properly recommended by a fully trained therapist. This ensures that you are using the right products for you which is key. So feel free to pop into bliss for your face mapping experience and discover the magic dermalogica has to offer!!

Current dermalogica and face mapping offers in Leeds.

Anna xxx