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Environ isn't your typical high street facial brand, Environ is all about giving you back the vitamin A and C that comes out of our skin because of all the anti oxidants out there. When you are just out and about damage is being done to your skin just from the environment we live in! Depending on your particular lifestyle, drinking alcohol, working in an office with air conditioning or simply walking the dog - everything has an effect on the rate your skin ages.


Environ helps protect against the effects of aging, reducing pigmentation and also acne scaring. The main benefits of Environ when compared to other facials is it uses a sound that acts as an earthquake meaning that it's breaking down the skin molecules in the lower levels of your skin as the treatment progresses, additionally a current acts like lighting penetrating deep into your skin - this means that an Environ treatment works deeper and more effectively than other products used on problematic areas which we just can't see.


I love working with Environ because you can see results with every treatment I perform, clients I have that are high up on the Environ product ladder are still seeing results and there is always something we can add to that facial routine that can make there skin even 10 times better.

I would recommend everybody to have this treatment as it would benefit all skin types and is a pleasure to see the confidence build on a client when they see the results which can often be seen after the very first treatment.

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