SuperLash Treatment | Bliss Beauty Spa


Here at Bliss our experienced beauticians can blend different lash lengths to suit any type of eye shape.

Our Superlashes treatments make the most amazing transformation to anyone’s eyes and overall look.

The brilliant thing about these lashes, apart from the great results – is they last for up to 3 weeks with minimal maintenance.


This eyelash extension treatment gives the customer a much fuller look. The versatility of these lashes is simply amazing and will suit all ages whether it be partying on a weekend or going to a wedding we will make you feel gorgeous.




Your lashes are precious so look after them, there is no point in paying for one of our best treatments if you don't look after the results - obviously this saves you money and keeps you looking great for longer! As with any beauty treatment, good aftercare will help your lashes look better for longer. 

To ensure that your Nouveau Lashes applied at your favourite Bliss Salon are long lasting and stay beautiful, proper care and maintenance are required, it's quite easy as long as you follow a few basic rules.

  • For the first couple of hours after your Nouveau Lashes treatment do not allow water to come in to contact with your lashes.
  • For 2 days do not steam your face, use a steam bath, swim or wash your face with hot water.
  • Do not use waterproof mascara or mascara remover on Nouveau Lashes as make-up remover will affect the Nouveau Lashes bond.
  • Only use a water based mascara on the Nouveau Lashes tip.
  • Do not perm Nouveau Lashes!
  • Do not use lash curlers on Nouveau Lashes.
  • Do not rub your eyes when washing your face - always pat the lashes dry after cleansing.
  • For more advice ask in salon or of course just give us a call!


Your Nouveau Lashes professional will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions.


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