Airbase | High Definition Airbrush Make-Up


Airbase is airbrush make-up that is a professional lightweight silicone based foundation.

The flawless cover that helps to diminish blemishes such as:

  •                 Pigmentation
  •                 Scaring
  •                 Open pore
  •                 Rosacea
  •                 Birthmarks
  •                Tattoos

This beauty treatment is perfect for disguising all of the above due to it durable silicone compound.

I have worked with Airbase for a number of years, it is a fantastic product and a pleasure to work with and the perfect accompaniment for people that are celebrating special occasions.

Airbase makeup is a favourite of mine and I have used it for a number of big events that I have attended. It was my first choice for all the dancers over the past few years on Strictly Come Dancing. I always feel very confident with having this product to work with.

Guaranteed seamless colour match every time and it also nourishes the skin due to its unique silicone properties.



Call us on 0113 230 4305 for a free telephone consultation and remember Bliss has used Airbase for over a decade, some of our beauty technicians have worked all over the world on big fashion events and now bring that experience to treatments at our spas and salons across Leeds.

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