Bliss Beauty Blogger's Favourite Treatments

Bliss Beauty Blogger's Favourite Treatments

 As the Bliss beauty blogger, I have been privileged to sample some of the spas finest beauty treatments (for research purposes, you know)...

Whilst I have by no means tried all of them, or even a particularly significant proportion, I still have my die-hard favourites that I hate going without. Want to know what they are? 

Gel nails

I love having painted nails, but I find that when I do them at home the polish chips so much sooner than I want it too. Bliss' gel polishes are all from top brands, so I can be sure that they will last. The wide range of colours means the perfect one is always in there somewhere, and staff are always super helpful with assisting me to choose the right one. I love adding some glitter on top, too!

gel nails

Spray tan

Unfortunately for me, I don't tan easily. I do love a good sunbed, but sometimes I need even more help if I want a gorgeous tan quickly for a special event or holiday. I always ask for 'dark' and it never looks fake or streaky. 

 spray tan

Super lashes

So I love having longer, thicker lashes, but I'm terrible at applying falsies. Super lashes are perfect for me as you can choose the length and thickness (I always go for short, with a few medium at the outer corners, and natural thickness), and they last for up to 2-3 weeks. The first time I got these, the therapist helped me choose the right ones for me and I've never changed since. 

super lashes

Environ facial

When I was choosing which facial I wanted, I was asked the question: do you want it to be relaxing or do you want results? I wanted results, and this is the facial recommended to me by Bliss director Beverley Silver herself. The sensation of having the facial done felt quite odd, but I love it simply for the instant results - my skin was super soft and more radiant.

environ facial

Eyebrow tint & shape

Yep, this classic treatment is up there. It's so simple yet it makes such a difference to your face! I find it's just not the same when I try to do it myself - Bliss beauty therapists wax my brows into the perfect shape, and the tint always looks just the shade I want it to.

brow tint & shape

All of these treatments are available to purchase online as a voucher or in branch. Check out our monthly offers page to combine your treatments into a package and save £££.

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