Spotlight on LVL Lashes

Spotlight on LVL Lashes

lvl lashes

 LVL (standing for length, volume and lift) is the revolutionary lash treatment which gives you beautiful fluttering lashes without adding faux ones. LVL naturally adds length, volume and lift to give the impression of longer, healthier lashes.

lvl lashes

LVL lashes are a great natural lift for your own lashes and our LVL beauty treatment includes a HD lash tint, which will complete the look and you will no doubt be happy with the difference it makes.

lvl lashes

 The treatment will take 1hour and has several stages:


  • Firstly we remove any eye makeup and cleanse the eyes, then your therapist will apply a silicone shield to the eyelid and curl back the lashes onto it.


  • The treatment itself is actually quite comfortable and I have many clients that will use the hour as a power nap time.


  • Product No.1 is then applied this is the lifting balm that helps to lifts the lashes from the root. After application it is left on between 10-12mins.


  • We then remove the lifting balm and apply product No.2 which is fixing lotion. Again this is left on for only 10-12 mins and will fix the lift in place.


  • The next stage of the treatment is the eyelash tint, this is left on for just a couple of mins.


  • Once the eyelash tint has been removed we will apply product No.3, this is a moisturising serum and will condition the lashes.


  • After all the lashes are carefully removed from the shield you will be left with a beautiful natural lift.

 The whole process is very low maintenance with long lasting results for up to 6-8 weeks. Bliss exclusively offer a free brow shape with this treatment and lash tint to give you the perfect super enhanced natural look.

lvl lashes michelle keegan

Coronation Street's Michelle Keegan is a huge fan, writing on her blog that she loves how they make her lashes look darker and more voluminous. Stacey Solomon also revealed that she loves LVL lashes and that they were her saving grace on I'm a celeb. Model Bianca Gascoigne is another fan, stating that her lashes look amazing and she can't believe the difference.

stacey solomon lvl lashes

Bliss customers also love the results they've been able to achieve with LVL...

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LVL lashes can be purchased in branch or online as a voucher, with prices starting at £55. OR check our our tempting summer online deals to save £££ on your purchase. 

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