Health and Beauty Tips For The Heatwave

Health and Beauty Tips For The Heatwave


The lovely heatwave that's had us all shocked as we dig out our sunnies and sandals is set to last another week. Whilst it's all fun and games when you're sipping cocktails in a beer garden or sunbathing in the park, remember to stay safe and healthy in the hot weather. Keeping your body, hair and skin healthy will only improve your outer beauty as well. Here's our top heatwave health and beauty tips.

Stay hydrated

Ok, that one may seem obvious, but it's worth mentioning as hydration is essential to keep your body functioning normally and keep your energy levels up. Add some mineral-rich fruit such as lemon to your water.

Timing is everything

If you're particularly vulnerable to the effects of the heat, avoid going outside between 11am-3pm, as this is when the sun is at its strongest.

Raid your wardrobe

Wear loose, cool clothing in light materials. Sunglasses and a hat will protect your eyes and head from harmful rays. 

Stop the shine

Shiny skin is a concern for many people in the hot weather. To avoid it, use an oil-free moisturiser, and a lighter cream than foundation, such as BB cream or CC cream. Keep blotting papers handy to de-shine on the go rather than constantly reaching for the powder.

 Fight the frizz

Give your hair a quick rinse in cold water after shampooing. Not only will this help you to keep cool, but it also seals the hair cuticles, helping to prevent hair from going frizzy in the heat.

 Be careful, but enjoy the beautiful weather whilst you can!