Bliss Helped me to Get Australia - Ready!

Bliss Helped me to Get Australia - Ready!


I finally decided to do something I've been wanting to do for ages - I'm heading off to Australia for an unknown amount of time. Amongst the packing, research and goodbye parties, I was thinking about getting some gel nails prior to my flight. The advantage of gels when you're travelling is that they last much longer than normal nail varnish so you can go a couple of weeks without worrying about chipping or touch ups. Ideal when you're spending 25 hours travelling then a few days finding your feet in a new place.

Director Beverley Silver suggested that I should also get gel toes ready for all those beach trips and flip flops, and an eyebrows tint and shape as that's something else you then don't need to worry about maintaining for a while whilst travelling.

I headed down to Bliss Spa one morning and my treatments were with Sam. As always I was greeted with a friendly welcome and a cup of coffee. Sam was friendly and chatty as she helped me select a colour for my nails, then painted my nails perfectly.

 Sam asked me how dark I wanted my eyebrows and gave me the choice of plucking or waxing. I went with a dark brown and waxing for shape. The result of both treatments was exactly how I wanted it and I was very pleased. 

Whether you're off travelling too, or you have another event, or if you just want to treat yourself, call Bliss to book your appointment!

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