Too Early to be Thinking About Halloween?

Too Early to be Thinking About Halloween?

Now that school children are back at school, and students are starting to return to university, whilst the days are slowly getting shorter, some of us can't help start to think about the next big event as we get ready for work in the dark. Well now summer's over, that must mean that Halloween is next! Sure it's just over a month away, but we could always milk it just a little...

After all, if you decide to host a party there's oh so much prep involved in that. And we've all seen the depleted Halloween stands on 30th October when we've fooled ourselves into thinking that we can grab a last minute costume or decorations. So this year, have a long hard think about your costume in September, and purchase early before the best ones sell out. Have a good think about accessories to make your costume the best. Figure out early if you need to book into Bliss for a black glitter manicure to complete the look, because appointments will fill up!

Make the most of pumpkins! Pumpkins are only around once a year and, whilst its so much fun to carve them into jack'o'lanterns, we love a good pumpkin recipe too! As soon as you spot pumpkins in your local supermarket, grab a couple for pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie and pumpkin spiced lattes. 

Bliss think it's fine to be excited for Halloween in September, because something needs to get us through the the summer-autumn transition!

Book your Halloween appointment early by calling your favourite salon.

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