Bliss Treatment of the Week - Heaven Slimming Lymph Drain Massage

Bliss Treatment of the Week - Heaven Slimming Lymph Drain Massage

Have you made a New Years Resolution to lose weight? Become healthier? This January Bliss brings you the natural alternative to liposuction - Lymph drainage can help relieve flu, allergies, fluid retention, digestion problems, arthritis and IBS, as well as helping you lose up to 4 pounds per session. Acting as an internal body cleanser, nasty toxins are circulated and flushed away. This treatment will help you to lose weight and relieve fluid retention so that you will feel totally relaxed, uplifted, toned and revitalised.

Heaven are a firm favourite at Bliss due to their expertise in skincare, facials and massage. They are known for creating treatments that relax our clients and give incredible results for various concerns. 

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During this slimming massage your lymph nodes will be massaged by one of our expert therapists resulting in the release of toxins and almost immediate weight loss of up to 4 pounds - the ultimate detox and a very relaxing experience!

The treatment is priced at £55 for one treatment, or £99 for 2, so why not bring a friend?? The treatment can be purchased online here and redeemed at Bliss Baby, Spa or Retreat. 

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