Cocktail Trends For 2019!

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Cocktail Trends For 2019!


You know we love to be ahead when it comes to beauty, and the same applies to the drink in our hand. Whilst we love a classic cocktail, we're always keen to see what England's top mixologists will think of next. Rumour has it there's some very exciting cocktail trends coming our way this year. 

Firstly, we can expect to see a serious upgrade to mocktails, with a larger section of menus dedicated to them. Not only that but they'll use more exciting flavours and techniques, commanding the same care and attention as their alcoholic counterparts. Fantastic news for designated drivers, ladies who are expecting, or really anyone who wants to cut down on their drinking in 2019. 


2018 saw a large shift towards sustainability and reduction of waste, even spreading into bars with a movement towards reduction of plastic straws. Bartenders plan to take this even further this year, so we can expect edible garnishes and more creative ways to cut down waste by 80%. No need to feel bad about sipping martinis til 2am now!

It's also rumoured that the fine line between food and cocktails will get even skinnier. Many of us have sampled a lemon cheesecake cocktail or chilli infused drink (or several!) but this year we can expect to see more and more ingredients coming from the kitchen, and more drinks inspired by our favourite dishes - delicious! One surprising food that we may expect to see creeping into our cocktails this year is mushrooms - yep, you read that correctly. Look for mushroom-infused vodka or mushroom tea mixed with sparkling wine - well, it's worth a try... in fact, unexpected ingredients and pairings will be everywhere so be ready to tantalise your taste buds. 

For those of us who love the classics, here are some of the cocktails expected to be the most popular this year:

Espresso martini



Dry martini

Aperol spritz

Moscow mule

Time to arrange a girls night out at the cocktail lounge? We think so...