2019 Beauty Tips For Your Zodiac Sign

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2019 Beauty Tips For Your Zodiac Sign

This year your beauty is written in the stars. Read on to find out our top 2019 beauty tips for your zodiac sign...


The fiery personalty of an Aries shines through, so tone down your make up for a natural look with just a hint of blusher and mascara. Add a touch of red such as a red lip to represent your fiery personality! Step up your skincare routine with regular exfoliation and moisturising so that your skin can glow just like your personality.


A taurus should be wearing accessories around the neck this year - think scarves, necklaces and chokers. Make your eyeshadow the focus of your makeup, and opt for earthy colours for this earth sign. Green is the one for you in 2019!


This bright and bubbly sign represents trendsetters when it comes to beauty, so don't be afraid to go bold and experiment with bright makeup that you wouldn't usually wear. Choose bright new colours for the eyes and lips, and dab some highlighter to your cheeks to represent your radiance. Shop for a new statement perfume this year.


Accentuate your natural glow to the max with glossy highlighter, eyeshadow and lip glosses. Choose soft romantic shades with lots of pinks and a touch of white for a flawless look. Choose silver nail polish and consider changing your hairstyle. Whilst Cancer's prefer simple hairstyles, that doesn't mean your hair can't look fabulous - choose long, soft curls or a medium-length blunt cut or u cut.


Opt for red and orange tones this year, to reflect your power and courage, and make your eyes the focus of your makeup look. Complete your look with backless styles of tops and dresses this year. Paint your nails in a shimmery bronze or gold tone, and consider adding some highlights to your hair in a daring colour.


Peach and pale pink are the ideal makeup colours for this traditional sign, but opt for slightly bolder tones and a touch of shine with highlighter to avoid getting stuck in a rut. In terms of clothes, choose dresses that are cinched at the waist. Choose light brown or navy blue for the nails.


Be sure to add a pop of colour to your makeup in the form of blue, pink of yellow to accentuate your bright personality. Make your eyes stand out with makeup, and choose stand-out accessories this year. 


Think warm shades like berry or burgundy when it comes to clothes and makeup this year, and add some shimmery textures to your eyes. For nails opt for maroon or pink. In terms of hair, wavy or curly hair in a rich colour is perfect for you this year. 


Your key beauty colours this year will be purple and teal, combined with earthy browns and cinnamon shades. Play up your flirtatious vibe with accessories like garters and stockings this year. Choose black or purple for nails and consider a chic bob for your hair.


You may tend towards earthy brown shades, but don't be afraid to add some shimmer. However it's important not to go overboard with your makeup. In terms of clothes, the focus is on legs for you in 2019.


Red lips will be a fabulous choice for you this year, combined with some bronzer. It's also the perfect time to experiment with purple shades. Consider dip-dyeing your hair or adding some coloured streaks, and invest in some ankle boots. 


Focus your make up on accentuating your eyes with some shimmer, counterbalancing bold shades with softer ones. Combine with standout lashes this year. Focus on your feet as you step up your footcare routine with exfoliants and moisturising creams. Treat yourself to a pedicure!