The 4 Biggest Beauty Trends of 2019

The 4 Biggest Beauty Trends of 2019

New year, new look? Well we can't be falling behind the trends - you know we love to be ahead. So what does the beauty forecast look like for 2019? What's in store for us? What products should we be rushing to buy? Here are the 4 biggest beauty trends to look out for this year.

1. Lilac hair

Yep, it's official - lilac is THE hair colour of 2019. Book your appointment now for a straight up lilac dye.

2. Bold lips

This is the compromise of the heavy makeup Instagram look and the minimalist makeup look seen last year. Go for barely there makeup with a pop of colour for the lips. 

3. Almond shaped nails

Coffin shaped nails are out, and almond is the nail shape of 2019 - it's official. Remember the ask your beauty therapist when you visit Bliss for your file and polish or gel nails. Need a bit of help with the length? We've got you with acrylic nail extensions. 

4. Lash lifts


More and more people are realising the power of lash lifts to makeover their lashes with no falsies and no makeup required. Book your LVL lash lift at Bliss now.