Top Ten Deals For January!

Top Ten Deals For January!

This month we're committed to bringing you the best deals possible, so that you can start 2019 with all of your favourite spa treatments for the best prices possible! We've got a deal to suit everyone - read on for ten of the best!

1. LVL Lashes with brow tint & shape £39.99

Save a massive £37 on this unbelievable deal, combining the bestselling LVL lashes with a brow tint and shape for perfect peepers.

lvl with brow tint and shape

2. Bliss ladies love their 2-week gel nails. Choose your perfect polish from our wide range of premium brand options. Combine with a brow shape and save £11!

3. Super lashes are the perfect finishing touch to your party outfit, with your choice of length and thickness for a natural or dramatic look, and lashes that will last up to 2-3 weeks! Complete with a brow tidy to complete your gorgeous lashes. Add a brow tint for a total eye makeover!

 super lashes

4. Escape the stress and pressure of everyday life as you enter our relaxing spas and let our expert therapists massage your worries away. Experience ultimate relaxation for only £26.Bring a friend for only £49.99 for two massages. 

back massage

5. CND offers the ultimate in manicures and pedicures to renew your sun-damaged hands and feet and fight against the drying effects of winter. Relax, unwind, and leave with perfect hands and feet.

cnd manicure and pedicure

6. Treat yourself to a mini makeover - you deserve it! Choose Nouveau or Russian lashes to suit your natural or dramatic style. Add 2 week gel polish in your favourite shade and a bikini wax - pampering heaven!

7. Buy a £25 voucher to spend on whatever you like at Bliss, and receive a free file and polish!

file and polish

8. Choose your perfect shade of gel polish from our wide range for your fingers and toes, and select a brow shape & tint to complete your party look.

9. LVL lashes will give your lashes the natural flutter they deserve for a fuss-free look, complete with a brow shape to frame them. Finally add a stunning spray tan in your choice of light, medium or dark, or gel nails - choose from our huge range of premium brand polishes.

10. Beautiful designer baby clothes at discounted prices - look out for more coming soon!

Shop the full range of Bliss January deals here!

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