Make Your own Stovetop Potpourri

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Make Your own  Stovetop Potpourri

Stovetop potpourri is a wonderfully simple, cheap, and easy way to give your home a festive aroma. In fact, you can even use it outside of the holiday season with different ingredients depending on the scent that you want. 



Here we will focus on festive stovetop potpourri that will make your home smell like Christmas.

Stovetop potpourri is as easy as adding a few spices and other ingredients to a saucepan, covering with water and simmering on low, and topping up the water as required. 

You can also package up the ingredients in a jar and give as an inexpensive but thoughtful gift for friends, relatives, and neighbours.

Memories are strongly linked to smells, so adding a festive aroma to your home is an important part of getting into the Christmas spirit. 

Another thing that's fabulous about stovetop potpourri is that you can leave out ingredients, or switch them for alternatives depending on what you can get - you can really just make it your own way. 

Here are some of the best ingredients for a Christmas stovetop potpourri.




Cinnamon sticks

Star anise

Whole cloves

Whole nutmegs


Orange rind (clementine or mandarin is best)

Fresh cranberries

Other citrus rind

Diced apples


Pine sprigs (just chop them off your Christmas tree if you have a real one)

Candy canes for that peppermint smell



You only need a small amount of each ingredient, and remember you can always add more until you get the desired scent. Each mix should last for about two days.


Whilst whole spices are ideal, if you can't get them then ground spices will also work fine. 

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