15 Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

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15 Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is fun but it can put a strain on our bank accounts as well. If you are wanting to spend a little less this year, homemade Christmas presents could be the answer. Homemade presents are so personal, and they show that you really care. Here are some of our top suggestions for homemade Christmas gifts...



1. Homemade jams and chutneys

2. Handmade candles

3. Knitted hats and scarves

4. Homemade soap

5. Cushions and bunting are both very easy gifts to sew

6. Stovetop potpourri - very cheap and easy but delightful!

7. Baking kits - combine all the necessary dry ingredients to make a recipe into a mason jar and decorate with a pretty bow.

8. Decorate your own baubles as gifts

9. Salt dough Christmas tree decorations

10. Embroidered home decor

11. Citrus or coffee scrub

12. Infused vodkas

13. Handmade soap

14. Fudge

15. Christmas candy


Keep an eye on the Bliss blog for more Christmas present ideas coming soon!