My Race day-ready Pampering Afternoon

My Race day-ready Pampering Afternoon


At least once a year we should all make the effort to buy a hat, dress super classy, drink overpriced champagne and pretend we know how to bet on horses. In other words we should go to the races. This year, being a July baby, I decided to go to the races to celebrate my birthday. After purchasing the perfect floral dress I realised I would obviously need a spray tan to look my best in it. And some lashes would look lovely too... and oh why not go all out and get some gel fingers and toes too (got to be set for those peep toe wedges after a long winter)? It is my birthday after all!

 So off I went to Bliss Spa last week where I was well looked after as always. My therapist was Millie, who was really friendly. And it's a good job as I was going to be there for a while! We started with gel fingers and toes and Millie helped me pick the perfect pink to match the flowers on my dress. I had my nails shaped and prepped before base coat, 2 layers of colour and top coat. The end result was perfect.

Next it was onto the eyelashes. Bliss offers short, medium and long lashes. I opted for a combination of short and medium following the natural shape of my eyes and lashes. I enjoyed having the treatment done and it didn't hurt a bit. I also had the option to choose whether I wanted my lashes fuller or extender more around the sides- you really can customize it to suit your tastes. I was thrilled with the end result- just natural enough but very pretty.

Then was the spray tan. Again you can go as dark as you like with this, and I chose to go dark as I wanted it to last a few days. It still looked natural and not orange like spray tans sometimes look. And It's easy to tell that Bliss' therapists know exactly what they're doing.

Overall being pampered in Bliss was the perfect was to spend my Birthday and I got so many compliments on all of the treatments. If you have any big events coming up, or even if you just feel you deserve a treat, I would certainly recommend booking yourself in for a couple of hours of pampering!