Save Pounds all Year Round with Bliss Money Tips & Advice!!!

Save Pounds all Year Round with Bliss Money Tips & Advice!!!

 We know that sometimes the struggle is real when you're trying to save up, or manage on a lower income. But don't worry, Bliss are here to share our wisdom, tips and tricks with you!


First and foremost of course, book online for exclusive Bliss offers - available to use as per voucher conditions and changing EVERY month- start saving £££ now! And it's not just Bliss - look for online deals wherever you go!

 Do you use a credit card and have a debt to pay? Consider moving to a 0% balance transfer today- you could save hundreds or even thousands.


Balance transfers charge a one-off fee of the amount transferred. Go for the lowest fee provided you're CERTAIN you can clear the card within its 0% length. Pay off credit cards within 0% balance transfer deal and see the money improvements for yourself to experience the ultimate feel good boost!!! See our top suggestions as of Wednesday 20th July 2016.

1. Virgin 41 month balance transfer credit card- This Virgin card offers the longest-ever 0% period on balance transfers, though it has a hefty 4% fee. This means most people will probably be better off going with the card below which offer just one month less and much lower fees.

2. The MBNA card offers a long (40 months) 0% period on balance transfers with a much lower fee (£2.47) than the Virgin Money card above. However, some people accepted for the card will get fewer 0% months.

 3. The Barclaycard offers a decent up to 32 0% months, and has a super low fee of just 0.72% to transfer your debt. However, not everyone who is accepted for the card will get this deal – some will get 16 months 0% instead.

4. The Virgin Money credit card offers a long 30 months at 0% for a low fee, and if you're accepted for the card you'll definitely get the full 30 months. You'll be charged a fee of 3% of the amount transferred, then Virgin will credit back 2.41% within 14 days, so the effective fee is a fabulous 0.59%.

5. This Tesco credit card gives the joint-longest 0% period with no balance transfer fee of two years. What's more, there's no minimum to transfer, and you'll definitely get the full time at 0% if you're accepted.


 Bliss Mortgage advice: consider fixing your mortgage whilst interests rates are at an all time low. See your broker asap for free advice today. You could save thousand overall.


Bliss best deals: for a £125,000 mortgage consider HSBC: DIRECT Special Fixed til 31-08-18. Overall set up fees are approx £1660 and monthly repayments will be just £500 for the first 25 months then £640 for 22 years and 11 months.

For a mortgage of £250,000 consider Yorkshire Building Society: DIRECT Fixed til 31-07-18 for a set up fee of around £1740 and and monthly payments of £1000 for 24 months then just £1400 for 23 years.

 For a mortgage of £500,000 consider National Counties: FF3 FBS Family Mtg Fixed til 30-11-19. Pay just £980 for set up fees then around £2000 per month for 40 months followed by £2400 for 28 years and 9 months!


Bliss have your back if you're trying to save money in 2016!